Friday 30 September 2016

Kurokuma - Advorsus EP


1. Lust
2. Dark Triad
3. Kali

Another Friday evening has rolled around and it's about time! I'm nearing the end of my current batch of planned reviews and going forward I want to spend a bit of time covering all things death metal, as well a handful of weird and progressive releases. Before all of that though, the latest EP from Sheffield's doom/drone/psych overlords Kurokuma is calling. After reviewing their demo a while ago and finally having the pleasure of seeing them live, they released this three-track EP via Medusa Crush Recordings (Canada) earlier this month.

The steel-city trio seem to soaked a whole load of groove for this release. EP opener Lust is a mix of upbeat psych and strange hardcore. The low-growled vocals seem to intertwine with the noisy effects and even the trusty cowbell is allowed it’s moment in the limelight. The tribal drums of Dark Triad are as menacing as the song-title suggests and bring to mind images of savages roasting their victims over open fires. Thankfully you can listen to it in the safety of your own homes and it’s not long before things get back to normal (?). Dark Triad is slower than it’s predecessor and the bass-heavy tones really do rattle your teeth. I wasn’t ready for the riff that kicks off Kali. Off-kilter doom is what Kurokuma kicks up here and it’s the perfect ending. Utterly heavy…no more needs saying. They’ve managed to craft themselves an EP with an original sound and one that’s infectious right to the last note. You should listen to this immediately and get a copy of the tape in your life!

You can stream Advorsus and grab it digitally below:-

Tape copies can be purchased from Medusa Crush Recordings here -

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