Friday 2 September 2016

Eight Days - More To Life EP


1. Was It All Worth It
2. Unclear
3. Counterweight
4. Walls

Following on from Liars Cult last night, I wanted to check out a band from this side of the Atlantic. Kent/London based hardcore trio Eight Days release their new EP (and third in as many years) "More To Life" in October. They're not wasting any time either, as they've already got an EP release tour sorted for directly after the release and the buzz is building. Melodic hardcore with influences as far flung as Norman Jean and Black Peaks (works for me). 

There’s more punk to Eight Days than meets the eye (or ear). Was It All Worth It begins with melodic guitar and riffs that aren’t abrasive. The vocals though are screamed out with real passion and that’s where their hardcore tag comes to life. They exhibit more of an angular/off-kilter angle towards the end of the song and continue with it during Unclear They are certainly one of the better melodic hardcore bands that the UK has produced recently. Plenty of emotion and thought-provoking lyrics make this more than just mere lip-service. Counterweight comes across as a cross between Alkaline Trio and Cancer Bats during the intro riffs, but Eight Days are all the more fraught with their delivery and banish any such thoughts of laying off the gas pedal. EP closer Walls is the perfect ending to the EP. Plenty of controlled aggression and catchy (but not cheesy) riffs. They’ve certainly gained real experience and song-writing skills since writing their first two EPs and playing in a live setting. Infectious and incredibly listenable. That’s all you can ask for really.

"More To Life" is out on October 14. In the meantime you can listen to their previous EPs below:-

Eight Days Facebook -

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