Monday 6 June 2016

Unheard Before The Wake - Humanity Burning


1. Humanity Burning
2. Lurker
3. The Pluto God
4. Right To Die
5. Humanity Burning (Reprise)

I'd like to apologise for being AWOL over the last week. Life got in the way as did a recurrence of what I think might be RSI in both arms. I spend a lot of my day-job typing and then going home and writing this sometimes takes its toll. Anyway, I'm back and revisiting more of the fresh blood that's being produced by out fair isle. Sutton's melodic death metallers Unheard Before The Wake released this new EP at the end of April. This extreme quintet released their self-titled debut EP back in December 2014 and have since appeared on a Terrorizer Mag cover mount CD and play alongside Candlelight's Xerath amongst others. 

Unheard Before The Wake aren’t your typical modern metal band. Their brand of death metal features genuine riffs and guttural growls on Humanity Burning and it comes across like a cross between Suicide Silence and Lamb Of God. The clean vocals are a little grating to these ears though, but that’s a minor quibble. Musically they’re more than solid. Lurker channels some great Scandinavian vibes with dual-guitar harmonies and bestial drumming. I can definitely hear plenty of progression here. UBTW take things in more of an old-school direction with The Pluto God and this time the clean vocals are much better. Right To Die has plenty of crossover thrash mixed in for good measure as well a killer solo. Humanity Burning (Reprise) closes out the EP in majestic fashion, with melodic riffs ringing out at the beginning and it carries on throughout. It’s a rousing instrumental end to a strong EP. The pedigree of the UK’s metal scene is getting stronger by the day and Unheard Before The Wake are only adding to that pedigree. Good job.

You can stream Humanity Burning and download it for free below:-

You can also buy cd copies and merch bundles from their bandcamp page above.

Unheard Before The Wake Facebook -

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