Tuesday 7 June 2016

Timekiller - Stagnant EP


1. Stagnant
2. Narcissist
3. Restless/No Rest
4. Bends
5. Vapid
6. Tremor

Another day and another mild annoyance. The out of touch powers at be at Facebook have decided to get rid of the messaging facility on managed pages. That means that you won't be able to PM my blog's Facebook page anymore. Instead, you can reach me via my personal page here if you so wish - https://www.facebook.com/thisnoise.isours. Anyway, thanks to the non-Facebook medium of e-mail, Brazilian/US punks Timekiller contacted me about their new EP Stagnant. I reviewed their debut EP Bleed Out some time ago, so it was great to hear from the guys again. Stagnant was self-released on March 29. 

Timelier are as jangly and jarring as I remember. Their reverb-filled vocals and garage-punk go full force on the opening title-track. The mid-paced atmosphere of Narcissist suits it’s title really well. It feels more sanguine and disparate. Restless/No Rest reminds of those two-tracks-rolled-into-one jobbies that bands like Napalm Death used to do. Granted Timekiller aren’t the same as ND but they still manage to fill the song with great energy. These guys count Motorhead as one of their influences and you can hear why on Bends. The opening riffs have a faint passing resemblance underneath the noise, while later on they descent into crazed cymbal-lead madness. It’s great! Vapid makes full use of the band’s South American roots and obvious musical ability. Just listen carefully to that intricate guitar and you’ll hear what I’m talking about. EP closer Tremor may not literally shake the earth, but at  full volume it will shake your house and probably your neighbour’s too. I’ve said it before but the world needs more bands like Timekiller and Timekiller needs to make more music.

Stream Stagnant and buy a download to help Timekiller release it in a physical form here:-

Timekiller Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Timekiller

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