Saturday 18 January 2014

Slussenanalys - Livets Spindlar 7"

Noise rock can be many things. It can be artsy or it can just be plain noisy, as the name suggests! I've never really got own well with the term, yet many bands I listen to incorporate it into their music.  There are labels across the globe that specialise in releasing left field music and two such labels are Ektro Records and their sub-label Full Contact Records who work almost hand-in-hand to release some outstanding rock music from Scandinavia.

This brings me onto Slussenanalys. They describe themselves as "the best Swedish noise rock band in Finland".  I like their sense of humour here. I don't know too much about the band themselves, other than they're a five-piece and as well as this 7", they've released an album called 
Aquila Helvetos Asfaltos, which was also released by Ektro Records on CD and by Full Contact Records on vinyl and a self-titled cassette. Livets Spindlar is made up of two tracks.


1. Livets Spindlar

2. Knappt Fornimbar

Livets Spindlar begins with the title track. It’s definitely full of rock-n-roll swagger and the vocal display from Esko Lonnberg is bizarre. The lyrics are in Finnish, which add to the madness. The guitars are full of melody and the drums keep the pace lively. At risk of sounding like a complete heathen, the instrumentation reminds me a lot of The Hives. Anyway, this is great no matter what and you'll be humming that verse riff for days.

Knappt Fornimbar is slightly more-mid paced that the title track, but it has more of a classic rock feel to it. There’s classic punk attitude seeping through it and try as you might, you’ll be unable to keep still while this song is on. This is brilliant rock music with character and while Livets Spindlar only comprises of two songs, it’s bound to get loads of repeat spins thanks to it’s quality. 

You can listen to the title track via Ektro's SoundCloud page here - 

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