Monday 20 January 2014

Cryptic Yeast/GirlsNames - Blender Childen Split 3"

I've decided to write about something different tonight. I've been on a bit of a punk crusade with the last couple of reviews but it's a Monday, I've had a busy day and I feel like bringing you something that you probably won't have stumbled upon. I first heard of this split and indeed these two bands from a Bandcamp mail-out from Grindcore Karaoke.

Cryptic Yeast are three-piece "digital thrash" band from various parts of the US, while GirlsNames are Canadian. This split 3" CD features twelve songs that heavily rely on industrial sounds, but also thrash, grind and a whole host of other elements. Blender Children was released digitally in June 2013 and later on CD in September,  Human Beard Records and Noisedad, with Prime Eggsample Records hosting it digitally alongside Grindcore Karaoke.


1. Cryptic Yeast - (Intro)
2. Cryptic Yeast - Garburator
3. Cryptic Yeast - Obstructive Apnea
4. Cryptic Yeast - Taintwax
5. Cryptic Yeast - W.F.A
6. Cryptic Yeast - Thugdumpster
7. GirlsNames - Amber Graves
8. GirlsNames - Brianna Passanger
9. GirlsNames - Florence Gone
10. GirlsNames - Jessica Tandy
11. GirlsNames - Natalia Switchplate
12. GirlsNames - Candi Stanton

Before, when I’ve thought of digital music crossing over with metal/punk I’ve always thought of Atari Teenage Riot or Mad Capsule Markets. Until now, that is! I’m new to this form of extreme metal/industrial music so it should be an eye opener. Cryptic Yeast play through six songs, starting with a noise ridden intro before Garburator, which sets out there stall with programmed drums, thrash guitars and hardcore-inspired screams. The guitars are louder during Obstructive Apnea but stops dead after forty seven seconds. Taintwax has massive impact, with those cymbal sounds piercing your ears something rotten.  W.F.A. sounds like they tried to incorporate some System Of A Down into the opening riffs. There final song Thugdumpster is pure sludge, with both high-pitched screams and low-pitched growls. This is their most convincing metal song but still crushingly cold, thanks to it’s digital edge. 

GirlsNames’ side features songs names after girls, funnily enough. Their equally as fast as Cryptic Yeast, but they have more of a punk sound. They have both male and female vocals that sound semi-programmed and riffs played through electronics too. Amber Graves has to be heard to be believed. Brianna Passanger sound like a crazy hybrid grind song and packs a lot into fifty five seconds. GirlsNames just seem to get heavier and more wild as they go, with more cuss words too. Florence Gone and Jessica Tandy are absolutely nuts. I can honestly say that I’ve never heard anything like this before and as Natalia Switchblade and Candi Stanton round things out in even more bizarre fashion, it strikes me that while this release and those like it will only appeal to ardent extreme metal/industrial fans, both Cryptic Yeast and GirlsNames offer something different and immediate. Something out of the ordinary and indeed out of a lot of peoples comfort zones. Go on, be brave, they won’t bite!

Prime Eggsample Records are streaming the split here:-

You can get the 3" CD from Human Beard Records and Noisedad Tapes below:-

There's also more Cryptic Yeast/GirlsNames releases streaming at Grindcore Karaoke here -

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GirlsNames Facebook -
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