Friday 17 January 2014

Mutant Lion Massacre - Silver Lungs EP

Mutant Lion Massacre. Can you imagine an actual mutant lion massacre! It'd be like the video game/sci-fi horror movie ever. It would be the true meaning of the phrase "survival of the fittest". Sadly though, these mutant lions have massacred their last human. The band called it a day towards the end of last year. Still, it doesn't stop me writing about their last EP.

MLM started in 2010 in the South of England. They released two EP, one made up of a single track called Keep It In The Family in 2011, followed by Silver Lungs in early 2013. Also in 2013, they played alongside some of the UK's heavy hitters including Demoraliser and Brotherhood Of The Lake. They play death metal with plenty of slam and a nod to deathcore, but with a sense of humour.


1. Introduction
2. Dahmer
3. Jaw Breaker
4. Winter Is Coming
5. Misery (Interlude)
6. Mask of Sanity
7. The Aftermath

After the intro, MLM launch into Dahmer. It’s pretty apt that the opening song proper on Silver Lungs is about a cannibalistic serial killer. The song itself features down-tuned guitar, breakdowns and bid drumming. The vocals are less pig-squeal and more hardcore.  MLM don’t go all out in terms of speed, but do structure their songs well. There’s plenty of variety in terms of time-changes and instrumentation, which mainly comes from the guitars. Jaw Breaker’s verses are made of atonal riffs that sound like chainsaws, which pave the way for some great thrash later on. Of course, there is death metal too in the form of more squalid breakdowns and pinch harmonics.

Their thrash-laden, mid-paced take on death works well because they’re not just doing the whole one million beats per minute deathcore thing that was popular two years ago. Winter Is Coming takes their music and gives it a progressive shot in the arm thanks to dramatic percussion and a similarly dramatic lead guitar solo. Even at this point you can tell that they’re accomplished at their chosen genre. The haunting interlude of Misery breaks things up a little before the bludgeoning start of Mask Of Sanity. This is pure pit-fodder in the best possible way. Taking the groove and rhythm from beatdown-hardcore and splicing it together with low-growls and gang vocals, MLM create something that you can two-step and circle pit too, at the same time! Hey, I might have started a craze there.

Mask of Sanity flows straight into closing track The Aftermath with the help of another sample. This song is both their farewell tome and their rallying call. Nearly six minutes of progressive modern death core with plenty of hardcore swagger. It’s strangely orchestral and majestic, almost euphoric as it winds it’s way to a conclusion. For a band no longer with us, it’s still important that people hear their music. If you’re not familiar with them, listen to the EP, share the bandcamp link around and show them that there’s still a buzz.

Talking of band camp, here's the EP:-

Silver Lungs is available for free download from the bandcamp and they still have band t-shirts left too.

Mutant Lion Massacre -

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