Monday 6 January 2014

Chaos Order - Vultures 7"

Hardcore seems to be gaining huge pace in the US at the moment. Not that it ever slowed down though! It just seems like there are new bands cropping up all over the place. Chaos Order are a four-piece from Memphis, Tennessee and they've recently released their new seven-inch called Vulture, via Fly The Light Records, also from Memphis.


1. Only The Past Is Done
2. Inner Voices
3. Vultures
4. No Peace

Vultures starts with Only The Past Is Done. It sounds surprisingly punk orientated too. The guitar volume it up in the mix, which is good and the drums have a nice warm tone to them. The bass adds plenty of low end heft and really compliments the recording. The vocals are full of attitude and take some cues from youth crew. The intro of Inner Voices reminds a lot of The Offspring. It’s really good, there’s even clean vocals in the song. Chaos Order don’t believe in breakdowns either, which means they don’t give off that tough-guy image and sound as though they’re in it for the music and not the bludgeoning.

The title track to the record is their most hardcore song I think. It’s got an edge too it that’s similar to bands like Agnostic Front and Terror. Again the production does the band a lot of favours, with  a clean and clear sound that is mainstay throughout the whole record, but with enough vibrancy to get anyone head-banging. No Peace sees Chaos Order ending on a heavy, pogo-filled note. The bass-line at the start could have easily been on any early Epitaph record and the minimal song structure gives it more of an impact. Chaos Order are another band that I’ve missed out on up until now, but one that came to my attention at the right time. They play for themselves, don’t get bogged down with fashion and for that they should get more attention.

On Chaos Order's bandcamp page, you can here three of the four songs from Vultures (curiously not Inner Voices though). There are also some bonus songs streaming that were recorded at the same time as the seven-inch. I've embedded the title track below:-

You can buy the vinyl from Fly The Light Records here -

Chaos Order Facebook -
Fly The Light Records Facebook -

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