Sunday 12 January 2014

Beatriz Carnicero - No Reces

I feel I've neglected Beatriz Carnicero as I've been aware of them for a while now, but haven't got around to writing about them, so I've decided to start from the beginning. Beatriz Carnicero are from Uruguay and form part of the booming South American fastcore/grind scene. No Reces (Don't Pay) was released in August 2012 and was the first full-length to come from the band. Since it's release, they've gone onto put out splits with fellow fast bands Avitacion101, Pudrete and more recently Chulo. A tape version of No Reces was released by Opaqus Records. That's really all I know about the band as I don't speak Spanish.


1. The Haroldos
2. De Palabra
3. Tia Mei
4. Sindrome De Lalas
5. Bodoque
6. Fractura Expuesta
7. Macetazo En El Parietal
8. Pensa, No Reces
9. Brennt Paris
10. Vendehumo
11. Dificil De Cara
12. Harpo
13. Balasstro
14. Abisal
15 AxSxS (Actitud Steven Seagal)

Straight from the off, this record hits right between the eyes. No song on No Reces lasts more than a minute with the longest song being just that. The drums are pretty prominent throughout, especially the cymbals. The guitars seem to buzz in the background and and the dual vocals are akin to Napalm Death in their delivery. The Opening three tracks The Haroldos, De Palabra and Tia Mei fly by in the blink of an eye. Sindrome De Lalas starts with a South American spoken word sample, before the band unleashes thirty seconds on mayhem. Their punk influences can be heard in the opening riffs of Bodoque and it adds a slightly melodic edge to their sound.

Their short bursts of power-violence are just what you need, especially if you’re struggling to function after a night out and the trio of Fractura Expuesta, Macetazo En El Parietel and Pensa, No Reces makes up just under a minute of fractious, intense grind. The production is raw and very much DIY, which gives No Reces and endearing quality. It’s vibrant and genuine. It comes across well during slightly lengthier songs like Brennt Paris and Vendehumo.

Now it’s time for BC’s long-player titled Dificil De Cara. I call it a long-player because it’s a minute long. After the obligatory sample it’s on to fifty seconds of filth. The off-kilter, stop-start textures on Harpo make it a hard song to listen to, but those textures work really well against the backdrop of crazed power-violence and rabid screams. Balasstro follows suit, but it’s more of an immediate kick to head thanks to it’s flailing nature.

Abisal features quite a technical song-structure underneath it’s noisy exterior. It demonstrates BC’s song-writing ability beyond just their ability to play fast and loud. Closer AxSxS (Actitud Steven Seagal) sees them add some sludge riffs into the fray before settling and ending with one final sample from the film Network. The one where you’re urged to get mad. Pretty apt really when you consider that content of No Reces total less that ten minutes in all. All in all, this is for power-violence lovers and people who like taking aural batterings. It’s damn good fun!

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