Saturday 18 January 2014

Sickoids - No Home LP

I'm back with another review today, as nothing else is holding my interest. I've been a long time fan of Grave Mistake Records and even though I haven't featured a lot of their releases on my blog, I always come back to them from time to time when I want a decent punk fix.

Together with Sorry State Records, Grave Mistake released this six track LP  from Sickoids early last year. An interesting fact I didn't know - Sickoids features members of Government Warning. You learn something new everyday!


1. Occupy Your Time
2. No Home
3. Empty Death
4. Funeral
5. Delusion
6. Pull The Plug

Occupy Your Time is a pretty apt title, as until I decided to write this review I was bored. There’s always fun to be had in turning music up loud and just kicking back. Sickoids play punk with noisy, chaotic style. Their a three-piece, but you wouldn’t know it. With no pause between the opener and the title track, Sickoids pummel you with plenty of punk-fuelled hardcore. At times its angular and off-kilter but other times it’s brilliantly simplistic and raucous. One such example is Empty Death. The verses appear technical but the choruses are straightforward and have a strange horror-punk edge to them. You’ll never get bored of this.

 They definitely follow the 80s punk blueprint that seems prevalent of Grave Mistake. Their music is not influenced by overly polished modern bands or production techniques, instead opting for a live sound which shows of their vibrant and clever songwriting off well. Both Funeral and Delusion are fast as hell and don’t let up. They carry on the earlier momentum without allowing for any moments of artsy rubbish, that could have easily unsettled the flow of No Home.

 Ending with Pull The Plug, Sickoids stretch their furious punk out for over three-minutes, which is a long time in their world. The overarching element here is thrash, which shines through when Sickoids fully let rip. Plenty of killer drum fills and a screaming solo outline their penchant for infectious hardcore. As the feedback dies down you know you’ve just witnessed eleven and a half minutes of some of the best, truest punk you’ll here.

No Home is streaming on the Grave Mistake bandcamp page here:-

You can purchase both digital and LP copies from their page.

You can also buy the LP from the Sorry State Records store here -

Sickoids Facebook -
Grave Mistake Records Facebook -
Sorry State Records Bandcamp -

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