Thursday 2 May 2013

Razoreater/Iced Out - Split 7"

Church of Fuck is stepping it up I tell thee! After their flirtation with the vinyl format last year, in the form of the Let It Die 7" they have come out all guns blazing, abandoned their beloved tape format and are pushing ahead with a slew of new vinyl releases. This one sees the return of Razoreater and Iced Out, who released cassette demos through CoF last year. Both bands have been making fairly large (understatement) waves in our diverse hardcore scene and this split 7" almost seems like a coming of age for both bands. The 7" is due for release shortly on black and limited to 300.


1. DrownYourDaughters - Razoreater
2. StrangleYourSons - Razoreater
3. Sleepless - Iced Out
4. Dead Men - Iced Out

It all starts with the ferocious, feedback-ridden noise of Razoreater and DrownYourDaughters. They spew forth pure, noise filled hardcore with sludge influences and absolutely belting vocals. There's no time for rest between songs as out of nowhere DrownYourDaughters finished and StrangleYourSons starts. This song basically continues Razoreater’s sonic torment. The low-end that they possess is bowel rupturing but it still puts a shit-eating grin on your face!

Iced out start their side with Sleepless. They pretty much attack it with the same gusto as Razoreater did with theirs, but there's a slightly more controlled feel to it. That's not to say chaotic is bad, its just Razoreater’s songs were so intense! Sleepless features some killer riffs and a huge drum sound, mainly propelled by crashing cymbals. Dead Men is this splits last chance to punch you clean in between the eyes and it delivers! Iced Out paint a bleak picture as they careen through their second song and leave you marooned, not knowing what just hit you. 

Basically, this split 7" is essential if you like heavy! From the chaotic noise ridden sounds of Razoreater to the sludgier, dirtier passages of Iced Out, you'd be a massive idiot if you missed it.

If you don't believe me, you can stream the whole god damn thing here:-

You can pre-order this record at

Razoreater -
Iced Out -
Church of Fuck -

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