Monday 27 May 2013

Random Band of The Week - Control

You don't need me to tell you that UKHC is booming right now. New bands are cropping up and the mainstays of the scene are upping their game too. Recently though, we lost one of our iconic HC labels, Hemlock 13. They've released records/tapes for the likes of End Reign, the short-lived Anguish and more recently, for North East band Control.

I'm sure a lot of you will be familiar with Control. They seem like they've been around forever, but they only emerged in 2010! Since then though, they''ve shared the stage with bands like Madball, toured Europe with Grace and even played my home town of Harrogate (amongst others)!

Their latest demo is now up for streaming and as a "free/Pay-What-You-Want" download via Bandcamp -

You may be able to pick up tape copies from the band at up-coming shows, if they haven't already sold out.

Talking of their live shows, here's some video footage from their recent gig with ClearXPath in Newcastle: -

You can pick merch up from their store at

As if that wasn't enough, vocalist JP is also a member of new band Obstruct. Check them out as well as here -

Control -

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