Friday 24 May 2013

Bukowski Family - Unpleasantries Abundant EP

Bukowski Family are a strange bunch. They take their name from US writer Charles Bukowski and have a fascination with cannibalism and gore. Unpleasantries Abundant is their fourth EP since 2010 and contains five tracks of grindcore infested death metal and gore. The EP will be released in mid-June by Aritificial God Productions. Their image is one of shock and gore and certainly not for the faint of heart!


1. Chair of Repentence
2. Carne Humana
3. Fountain of Woe
4. The Perversion of Grim Tanner
5. 6Teen

Unpleasantries Abundant begins in exactly the way you expect it too, with heavy guitars, crazed double bass and deathly growls. Chair of Repentance is as brutal a song as your going to hear this year, yet Bukowski Family manage to inject some melody thanks to some well placed lead sections. Their music is the perfect accompaniment for torture and defilement! Carne Humana is the most ravaging song on Unpleasantries Abundant thank to it's whirlwind pace. This is where their grind influences truly begin to appear.

During the instrumental into to Fountain of Woe, you gradually feel more and more unsettled, as the anticipation builds. The song itself is more mid-paced in places, but that only serves to make it sound more menacing. The guitar harmonies and those blood-curdling growls just make matter worse! The guitars sound massive during The Perversion of Grim Tanner and because of this, the song is my standout track on this EP. They have their angular moments and modern touches, but overall they just slay.

Bukowski Family's strange and incest-ridden characters truly come out towards the end of this song, as if they are all revelling in the torture of some unsuspecting soul. 6Teen rounds out the EP, with one last brutal blast of death metal. Bukowski Family definitely aren't the kind of family that you want to meet in a dark alley. They conjure images from both horror movies and real life and provide a fitting soundtrack to the ills of modern life.

To help countdown to the release of Unpleasantries Abundant, I have the pleasure of being to stream fourth track "The Perversion of Grim Tanner" on my blog's new Bandcamp page below. Make sure you take a listen to the song as you prepare for your debauched Friday night:-

For more information in the lead up to the EP's release, head over to Aritificial God Productions at

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