Thursday 30 May 2013

Dead Awaken - Where Hope Turns Dripping Red

Swedish death metal trio Dead Awaken have recently unleashed a debut album via Abyss Records. Dead Awaken have been going since 2002 and after multiple demo's, have honed their sound and have released this record. Taking their influences from the savage death of Vomitory and Suffocation, as well as the dark imagery of Celtic Frost and Triptykon, they've got a lot to offer extreme metallers everywhere.


1. Carnivore
2. Kingdom of Damnation (Where Hope Turns Dripping Red)
3. Deutsches Afrika Corpse
4. Rocket Symphony
5. Mudhell
6. Manic Destructive
7. Envy The Dead
8. Venom of The Population
9. State of Corrosion

With most death metal, you know what you're getting. Razor-sharp guitars, thrashing drums and low guttural vocals. Dead Awaken are no different. Plying their trade in a genre that seems to be overflowing can be difficult, but Dead Awaken stick to a formula that they know people want. Carnivore opens proceedings in the best way possible, by absolutely ripping you apart and not letting up. It's only towards the end of the track that Dead Awaken slow things down. The drums groove like nobodies business during Kingdom of Damnation. The vocals are almost gargled as they're delivered and the pinch harmonics add the occasional bite of variation. Rhythmically it's perfect, with the drums holding station while the other instrumentation keeps up.

Deutsches Afrika Corpse is where things start to change. Dead Awaken step away from their opening blueprint slightly. Instead of just focusing on out and out sonic destruction, they inject subtle melody and pace changes, which give the listener more to hold onto. Don't get me wrong though, it's still utterly savage! The low-end makes it's presence known as well, with the bass rumbling underneath the guitar and adding extra weight. Rocket Symphony is probably the closest you'll get to one, as the pace is slower and with the longer song length, it seems more thought-out and experimental. There are some great, simple riffs in it as well. The first hint of a guitar solo comes towards the end of the song too, nestled within chuggy riffs. The music carries on in the same vein during Mudhell.

The production is good, but due to a lot of the music being in the same key, it can get a bit hypnotic at times. If you're after loads of melody, you won't get it here. Where Hope Turns Dripping Red is all about face melting, old-school death metal! If you can cope with massive amounts of kick-drum them Manic Destructive is your song. It may only be just over two and half minutes long but it rips, especially the squealing solo mid-way through. Dead Awaken then flatten you with their final three songs, Envy The Dead, Venom of The Population and State of Corrosion. They fly past in a whirlwind of double bass and chainsaw-like guitars. The guttural vocals remain constant throughout and threaten to send you to hell.

I've not heard a death metal record like this for a long time. It's rare that band just settles in and goes for it for an entire album, as they normally throw in some clever jazzy gubbins, but not Dead Awaken. They just blast like the bands that influenced them did. If you're after some straight-up and insane death metal, look on further than these guys.

Now as a treat, I have the pleasure of streaming "Kingdom of Damnation (Where Hope Turne Dripping Red)" on my bandcamp page. The album isn't currently streaming, so it is one of the only place you can here the song without buying the record. Check it out below:-

If you like it and want to hear more, you can pick up the album from Abyss Records at

Dead Awaken -

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