Monday 6 May 2013

Darkall Slaves - Abysses of Seclusion EP

So it looks like summer may finally be here, so I thought I'd post about a new death metal EP. This new three-tracker comes from French band Darkall Slaves. These guys are quite new to me, but feature ex and current members of Unsu, Amputated Repugnance and Visceral Carnage, so already sound epic! This is due for release on the 4th of June via Kaotoxin Records.

Darkall Slaves originally released their first (self-released) EP back in 2008 and are currently working on material for an up and coming full-length. They've played alongside some of death metal's leading lights including Gorgasm and God Dethroned.


1. Intro
2. Mindless Damnation
3. Abysses of Seclusion

Abysses Of Seclusion starts with a sampled-intro, which sets a menacing mood. After a short pause, they launch into Mindless Damnation. They play raging death which stays within the confines of the genre, but is executed well. The drums are crazy, with plenty of kick action. The guitars contain a decent amount of jazz-influenced structure amongst the buzzsaw-riffs. The vocals feature plenty of pig-squeal, but are quite low. The inclusion of pinch harmonics adds to their sound. It's enough to make you snap you neck, trying to keep up with the tempo!

The title track is no less intense. This style of death metal may be too much for some, especially those who prefer melodic death metal, but if you dig this then there's plenty to like. Darkall Slaves certainly posses the skill and musical chops to separate themselves from their peers. The experience of the musicians also pays dividends, as they provide exactly what the extreme death metal fan wants! The breakdowns during the second half of Abysses of Seclusion are pretty nuts, even though slightly obscured by the vox.

So a short review, but if this EP is anything to go by, their album is going to be pummelling from start to finish!

Get a taste for yourself here:-

There's links on the above page too, if you want to pre-order yourself a copy of the EP.

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