Friday 10 May 2013

Moving Mountains - New Light EP

I thought I'd switch tack for a second and write about something a little different. This four track EP from US band Moving Mountains has been out for a little while now, yet I've not written about it. I really should have been all over these guys as they supported Coheed and Cambria a while back, who used to be one of my favourite bands and still are to a degree.

Anyway, New Light was officially released in April 2012 just prior to a tour they did with Pianos Become The Teeth. It features acoustic and re-worked songs from their 2007 debut album Pnuema and their 2011 record Waves. It was released by Triple Crown Records.


1. Alleviate
2. Ode We Will Bury Ourselves
3. Where Two Bodies Lie
4. 8105

I'll admit, I've not posted about enough melodic punk/emo/alternative rock stuff here. I have a craving for it now and again though as an escape from extreme metal. Moving Mountains are a perfect remedy though and this EP is great. It features re-workings of songs from their previous two albums. I'll mention here though that I've not heard very much of their previous music but on hearing opener Alleviate, I'm pretty happy to be hearing it now. Their sound here is kind of alternative, but that's such a fuzzy term in my eyes. There sound is more like laid back indiemo. The acoustic guitar/violin combo is very American but works really well as Ode We Will Bury Ourselves starts. A close references point for me would be Jimmy Eat World.

Another thing that their sound reminds me of, as Where Two Bodies Lie plays, is Irish folk music. I don't know why! I really like this EP, it's just played really well and layered in such a way that it just works. The vocals are understated and calm, but that may be to do with their acoustic nature. When I listened to their plugged in sound, they sounded a bit like a cross between Alkaline Trio and radio-friendly American Punk rock. That's a good sound is my eyes too though. As 8105 rounds off the EP, it's opened my eyes to Moving Mountains and the skill they possess to be able to switch from their melodic post-hardcore style to a more stripped down, Americana type sound. A perfect bedfellow for summer nights and warm memories. Moving Mountains are a band that you should all check out if you haven't already, especially if you wish to be dragged away from endless mosh.

I couldn't find this EP streaming anywhere so you'll just have to visit one of the three links below:-

Triple Crown Records -
Moving Mountains - or

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