Thursday 21 March 2013

Zombiefication - Reaper's Consecration

It's time for the second of that voyage I started yesterday. This time featuring Mexican death metal band  Zombiefication. I believe they are a two-piece, but their Facebook page says there's five of them, so I presume that must be their live configuration. This is their five track EP Reaper's Consecration, which was released in July 2012 by the might Pulverized Records. Zombiefication have just released a new record, which will be reviewed shortly, but I wanted to your ears up with this one first.


1. Dead Today, Dust Tomorrow
2. Deathrides
3. Necrohell
4. I Am the Reaper
5. We Stand Alone

Zombiefication play a grand form of death metal. It's mid-paced and old school, but with good production values. The guitar intro to Dead Today, Dust Tomorrow has a nice metallic edge to it, but then the verse kicks in and it rumbles away in the background alongside the bass. The kick-drums pound out a furious beat, even though it doesn't go at warp-speed and for that, it sounds more effective. The vocals are fervent in delivery but not inaudible. There's more a traditional feel to Reaper's Consecration and with the echo effects on the Mr Hitchcock's vocals, is sounds a lot more menacing. Death Rides has more urgency about and the screams are more crazed than in the opener. The screaming solo that they put into the song is awesome too!

They certainly air on the side of thrash too. It's not blackened thrash as such, but does have that feel to it. It mainly comes across in the low end during Necrohell. I'm only three tracks into this EP and I'm grinning from ear-to-ear. Death metal may become very saturated over the last year or so, but there are still epic bands coming to the fore, like Zombiefication. We Stand Alone has great melody to it, although it's not overused and Zombiefication keep their integrity and menacing atmosphere. There's quite a strange tone OT the guitars, it's not one I've really heard before. It sounds a bit like it's being played through an old transistor radio at times, but it's fits the overall music well. Zombiefication finish up with the brutal, I am The Reaper. That means there's one last chance to windmill! That low, hypnotic guitar chug is there again, as it the powerful and fast drumming. It is more stop-start that previous songs, but when they play like this they deserve a break before picking up the pace again.

This EP is meant to wet your appetite for their new release and it sure does that. It's heavy and evil, but it has a charm and fluency about it. Long live Zombiefication!

Dead Today, Dust Tomorrow and I Am The Reaper are both streaming on Zombiefication's Soundcloud page. I've posted them here directly from the Soundcloud page for you to experience for yourselves:-

I Am The Reaper

Dead Today, Dust Tomorrow

You can buy the EP from Pulverised Records at

You can keep up to date with new regarding Zombiefication via their website at and via Facebook at

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