Saturday 23 March 2013

Outrage CC - Demo 2012

I'm taking a brief break from my current voyage, to bring you a review of this demo from Cardiff hardcore band Outrage CC. These caught the eye of Church of Fuck who made their demo one of the last tapes it would release, before stepping up and releasing vinyl in the future. This demo is five tracks of solid hardcore, that's a bit of a departure from what CoF previously put out, but then variation is no bad thing and everything has been top notch so far and continues to be so. Outrage CC also features ex/current members of some of the UK's most recent hardcore heavyweights, including CrossBreaker, Ironclad and Wardogs amongst others, so you know this is gonna be good.

In terms of demo itself, it came in a clear case. The tape is white with white labels and the band's logo on one side, as well as another motif on the back. The cover insert also contains a band photo, the song titles and inside, the lyrics too the songs which is cool. Check out my dodgy picture below -


1. Intro/Hollow Life
2. Eye of The Storm
3. L&D
4. Wait A Lifetime
5. Scars

This is hardcore with a punk-vibe, it's punchy and the kind of music you'd be fist pumping to life. Intro/Hollow Life has a macho-hardcore feel as well, but the vocals are screamed with anger and passion. Outrage CC throw in the odd well placed lead too, which marks them out from other bands playing the same type of hardcore. Solid! From here on in, they get faster and harder. You can only imagine the state of the circle pits during Eye of The Storm. A minute and a half of guitar driven chaos with some nice drumming to boot.

These guys seem to get heavier with each song. They prefer to go straight for the jugular instead of being all introspective, which is what you want from your hardcore sometimes. They display enough mosh to get you moving, but don't overdo the breakdowns and the production doesn't sound too polished, which suits their sound pretty well. L&D is fast as hell and Wait A Lifetime has subtle groove to it, which is nice to hear.  It seems that UK hardcore is getting better with each band that appears and as Scars blasts out of the speakers it's easy to see why. Outrage CC mix things up but don't take too much from the much-copied US style and make this brand of chug their own. If this is what Cardiff hardcore is about, I want more!

Hopefully we'll be hearing more from these guys soon. You can hear the whole demo for yourselves below:-

In terms of the demo, you can download it directly from CoF's bandcamp page above. The tape has sold out and did so pretty much straight away.

Outrage CC are on Facebook at

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