Monday 18 March 2013

Death Tripper/Meatpacker - Split 7"

Here's another crazy ass split record for you to get you teeth into.This eleven song split features Nottingham/Derby d-beat bruisers Death Tripper and Leicester's one-man grind terror unit Meatpacker.
The split was released right at the start of the year and both bands have been playing some sick shows since then. Death Tripper recently played alongside Cloud Rat, Lich and Moloch in Nottingham and both bands played with Black Mass and We Came Out Like Tigers in February too. They certainly ain't crowd shy!

Death Tripper -
1. I Digress
2. Forego
3. Sleeping Like A Corpse
Meatpacker -
4. Knocker
5. Sticker
6. Shackler
7. Rumper
8. First Legger
9. Knuckle Dropper
10. Navel Boner
11. Splitter Top/Bottom Butt

Death Tripper start things off with three tracks. I Digress is a raging monster, filled with initial screeching feedback and an extended instrumental intro. It's a sub two minute blast of crust infected hardcore. Awesome first impression! Things get nastier from here on in with Forego grinding it's way through thirty four seconds. Sleeping Like A Corpse is Death Trippers third contribution to the split and also the longest song to feature on it, at two minutes. It features more feedback before the band launch into one final crust-ridden assault. The vocals are low screams, the drums and cymbals crash along at warp speed during the verses but the band isn’t afraid of sticking a lengthy guitar dirge into the mid-section. The guitars make an ungodly noise and thanks to a decent production, sound ace.

It's on to Meatpacker's side now. Eight fast as hell, grind songs with distorted vocals, off-kilter time signatures and rabid drums. Knocker and Sticker fly passed too quickly. Shackler is intense, with the drums sound like a drum machine in overdrive. This is definitely some of the nastiest solo grind I've heard in the UK for ages and makes me want to explore more of it. Some of the guitar riffs and textures in the music make you stand up and take note, especially during First Legger. Meatpacker stands up against the meat industry in his music and even though it's hard to make the lyrics, you can tell he's angry! The sound is harsher than on Death Tripper's side, but it doesn't have that bedroom-sound that you expect from most grind projects of this type. As final song Splitter Top/Bottom But rings out of your speakers, you're sitting jaw agape wondering what just happened. 

Both bands put on a good show. Meatpacker are utterly nuts and Death Tripper, while only having three songs on here, sound equally as impressive. This split again highlights the how useful the format has become in bringing two different bands together, with different sounds but with the sole purpose of getting their music out there. I for one will be investing in the seven inch very soon. You should too!

You can stream the entire split on both Death Tripper's bandcamp - and Meatpacker's bandcamp - pages. I've stuck a stream below:-

You can also purchase the split in a name-your-price download or physical vinyl format from both bandcamp pages (I'd buy the vinyl if I was you!) 

Death Tripper can be found at 
Meatpacker can be found at

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