Thursday 28 March 2013

Decrepitaph/Humiliation - Split 7"

This is the latest split seven inch to come from UK extreme metal label Eldritch Lunar Miasma Record and Dybbuk Records in Mexico. It features a new track from US death metal band Decrepitaph and a new song from Malaysian death metallers Humiliation. The 7" is limited to 500 copies. 100 on Green vinyl and 400 on white. Metal Archives says that the Decrepitaph song was recorded back in 2007 and that the lyrics to the song have become lost over the years. Not sure if it's true but it would suggest why it's only seeing the light of day now.


Side A - Decrepitaph
1. The Carnal Slumber

Side B - Humiliation
2. Enemy's Perimeter

So Decrepitaph go first on this split. They play a raw style of death metal, especially on this 7". It's fast and the vocals are suitably low. The drums seem to lurch over everything else on this recording, with the guitars sitting in the background. The Carnal Slumber does feature some slower sections, so it's not all blastbeats. The mid-section sees Decrepitaph slow things down considerably and lets that low bass rumble come to the forefront of the song. It's brutally heavy but not overpowering like many death metal releases and Decrepitaph are good at weaving variation into their sound. Some people may find it a bid to raw for their tastes though.

Humiliation enters on side B with Enemy's Perimeter. These Malaysian deathsters are influences by war and have a meatier sound than Decrepitaph did on the other side. They too switch between pacier and slower sections, although they favour faster music overall. The production is more even here too, with the guitars being allowed more room in the mix, with the drums sounding very good. Variation wise though they stick to more of a rigid blueprint, which actually fits their style of death metal very well. A larger audience will appreciate the more modern sound, but this split does a great job of highlighting two bands with different approached and styles, which is what the format is best at.

You can stream the split via ELM Rec's Soundcloud page below:-

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