Friday 30 June 2023

Iron Rule - Soul Death EP + Soul Remover Video

Labels: 1134 Recordings

Formats: Digital

Release Date: 30-Jun-2023


1. Destined Death

2. Hate In My Veins

3. Soul Remover Ft. Jay Muller of Reminitions

4. Dream In Fear

Here's the third post in three nights (can't remember the last time I did that!). This review and video share comes with thanks to Total Deathcore, who sent me an e-mail last week about Californian deathcore band Iron Rule and their new video for the song 'Soul Remover'. It accompanies their new EP Soul Death, which is officially released today. If (like me) you're ready for something heavy, stick around.

This week’s been rough work-wise so I’m thankful for the evening escape. Iron Rule is a new name to me. They play down-tempo deathcore, which I’m hoping is a sludge-filled take on the sub-genre (though I’m not holing my breath for that). EP opener ‘Destined Death’  starts with an extended intro before Iron Rule gives you a small glimpse of what’s to come heaviness wise.

Their sound on ‘Hate In My Veins’ is both frenetic and also slightly clinical. I read that they’re going for something that sounds (and I quote) “as heavy as a crumbling skyscraper, without sacrificing industry-standard production and listenability”. I guess they want to sound heavy and marketable. They certainly sound heavy, though I’d love a bit more dissonance and feedback with the guitars higher up in the mix.

’Soul Remover’ is a proper downtempo beast, complete with low growls. The guitars are still too low in the mix for me, but I’m just a bit fussy I guess. With the current state of deathcore you can’t expect every band to come out sounding like Lorna Shore (and why would they).

EP closer ‘Dream In Fear’ is filled with the obligatory expletives that made nu-metal so shocking in it’s day. Don’t get me wrong, Iron Rule’s music is still a good listen, especially when the slamming riffs come in towards the end. Iron Rule definitely have some chops and a clear path they want to follow sound-wise. If they keep building in terms of song-writing and heaviness, without relying on (too) clean and compressed production, they’ll be huge.

You can watch the 'Soul Remover' video via the This Noise Is Ours YouTube channel below (I'm sharing It with kind permission from Total Deathcore):-

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