Sunday 11 June 2023

Cady/Majorel/Agak/Coma Regalia - Desolate Hands Move The Hour 4-Way Split 10"

Labels: Cyllene Records/Dance Happy Doom Crew/Kakusan Records/MeatCubeLabel/Middle-Man Records/Zegema Beach Records

Formats: Vinyl/Digital

Release Date: 21 Apr 2018


1. Cady - Diamond Dust

2. Cady - Beyond Being Seen

3. Majorel - Negation

4. Majorel - Surrounded By Heartbeats

5. Majorel - Behind Glass

6. Agak - 焦燥

7. Agak - 衝動

8. Agak - 選択

9. Coma Regalia - Avalon

10. Coma Regalia - Edara

11. Coma Regalia - Pangea

The 10" vinyl format is a much misunderstood format in my opinion. It takes up less space than a 12" yet it's more engrossing than a 7". I've been expanding my 10" collection slowly and when I realised that this split was next on my ZBR Roster review list, I had to dig out my clear w/white haze copy  again.

The split features eleven songs from four bands who call the US, UK and Japan home. It's one of a few releases to feature a UK band (alongside Big Machine, Komarov and Wreck Of The Minotaur if my memory serves me correctly), alongside Japan's Agak and USA's Majorel and Come Regalia. An International line up of labels helped with it's release too.

This 10” split is chock full of utterly insane screamo/emo-violence, starting with the UK’s own Cady and ‘Diamond Dust’. It’s a song filled with dual high/low screams, blasts and a latter-half that builds in emo vibes right the way up to grooving punk and a crescendo of heady screamo at the end. What a way to kick things off. Cady’s second song ‘Beyond Being Seen’ is a much more introspective take on screamo, with a subtle blackened nod, showing just how varied the UK skramz community is. 

Next it’s the turn of the USA’s Majorel and their gloriously melodic ‘Negation’, which features so much raw emotion and genuinely inspired musicianship. It’s also artsy without being artsy. ‘Surrounded By Heartbeats’ takes a slightly more traditional screamo approach but only briefly, as it builds in intensity. Their final song ‘Behind Glass’ provides one last glimpse into their complex yet endearing sound. 

Japanese bands have always intrigued me with their unique approach to music in general, let alone extreme music. Agak’s sound is no less unique with their truly harsh vocals and atmospheric sound on opening track ‘焦燥’. There’s no time for rest as ‘衝動’ brings panic chords and metalcore influences to the party. It’s everything I expected and more. Agak’s closing song ‘選択’ is a reminder of just how dextrous and gentle they can be, while also being utterly intense at the same time.

This 4-way split concludes with the familiar tones of Coma Regalia (also from the USA), though ‘Avalon’ is way more melodic and clean than I remember their sound to be. Either way, it’s lovely. ‘Edara’ snaps back into emo-violence territory,  with a lashing of melodic riffs for good measure. Such a fulfilling piece of music. Their final song ‘Pangea’ is also their fastest and therefore their most intense. I love how they go through different musical patterns only to end up back at heavy again.

This split is exceptional in every way. From it’s packaging to the vinyl variants and of course, the music contained within it’s grooves. If you haven’t picked up a physical copy yet I implore you to do so. Help sell this thing out because it deserves it.

You can stream and purchase Desolate Hands Move The Hour digitally below:-

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Dance Happy Doom Crew -

Kakusan Records -

Middle-Man Records -

Zegema Beach Records CAN/INTL - / USA -

Cyllene Records -

Dance Happy Doom Crew -

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MeatCubeLabel -

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