Friday 2 June 2023

AUX.AURA - Stepped On Smiles Song Premiere + EP Review

On June 13th Canadian label Tomb Tree will be releasing the self-titled EP from the band AUX.AURA. Prior to the release, it's my pleasure to be able to bring you a special premiere of 'Stepped On Smiles', which is the fourth and final song on the EP. There's very little info online about them (though they've been described as "Senza goes metalcore?") but that's fine because their music does all the talking as you'll find out below:-

Tomb Tree will be releasing the EP on tape, limited to 43 copies. Check out a sneaky peek at the goods below:-

At this point I was just going to talk about the song that's taken centre stage this evening, but where's the fun in that when the full EP is calling me.


1. UpRightDownLeft With Grief

2. Am I Boring You?

3. Borderline Parasite

4. Stepped On Smiles

Aux-aura is a proper quick-fire EP. Opener ‘UpRightDownLeft With Grief’ is it’s longest song and is filled with panic-chords, glitchy riffs and screeching vocals that’ll give The Body a run for their money. The percussion is epic and quite upfront in the recording, while overall it sounds and feels truly invigorating. Mathy and violent are words that aptly describe this release. ‘Am I Boring You?’ Is anything but boring. The riffs take more of the stage and help elevate a sub two-minute song into something much bigger. The vocals pierce through the instrumentation perfectly and while some may call them grating, they’re exactly right for this release. Insane!

‘Borderline Parasite’ is the brutally urgent and on-point song that this EP’s been promising, with tempo changes and a heightened sense of anxiety running through it. I know that people consider the golden age of mathcore/emoviolence to have long gone but on this showing, it’s very much re-igniting. Final track ‘Stepped On Smiles’ ends the EP in excellent fashion. with some of the fastest drumming you’ll ever hear alongside guitars and vocals that more than match in ferocity. Musically the EP’s technical as well as fast, which gives you more if you invest your time in it. It’s over before you know it and if you’re like me, you’ll want it to go on and on. I don’t know where Tomb Tree finds bands like AUX.AURA but I want to know the secret!

Keep an eye on Tomb Tree's store on June 13th to make sure you don't miss out on this one -

Tomb Tree -

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