Monday 29 May 2023

CERE - Endless Days

Labels: Black Basset Records

Formats: Digital

Release Date: 03 Sep 2021


1. Uncanny Valley

2. Exit Road

3. Annihilation

4. Assault

5. Umbrellas

6. Roses

Writing this review is both heart-warming and slightly humiliating (on my part). Heart-warming because Belgian band CERE has links to countrymen Mont-Dore, a band whom I reviewed back in August 2016 and whose guitarist Pierre Toussaint took the time to write to tell me about his new band. The humiliating part is that I only noticed his e-mail in my inbox last week. CERE has more in common with Mont-Dore too, as their debut release Endless Days has been made available digitally by Black Basset Records (alongside the band themselves). They play noise-rock/punk and have been lucky enough to support the likes of Nothing, Rolo Tomassi and Birds In Row in recent times.

This evening brings a lovely period of leave to an end. I march onward though and I want to finish May with a flourish of sorts. Belgian band CERE are new to me, though one third of it’s trio is not. It feels truly humbling that Pierre took the time to write to me after nearly seven years (following my Mont-Dore review in 2016). CERE’s own description of noise-punk is very accurate on opener ‘Uncanny Valley’, as high-octane punk clashes with noise-rock and caustic vox. It’s very upbeat and at times reminds me of early Orchestra Of Wolves-era Gallows if they jammed alongside Unsane and Chat Pile.

CERE count post-punk amongst their influences sound-wise and it’s clearer on ‘Exit Road’ where that influence comes from, yet there’s also a further snotty British-punk vibe going on as well. Another thing that’s really notable on this recording is it’s sheer volume with the vocals sitting right at the top in piercingly good form. As trio’s go, this one is absolutely blown out and incredible. ’’Annihilation’ is the most accurately named song-title on this record, as it also aptly describes the sheer sonic madness that’s being pursued by CERE. Admittedly, it’s not the most intense song on here but it’s no less enjoyably, with more post-punk and some great guitar effects too.

The second half of Endless Days begins in earnest with ‘Assault’ and it’s total assault on the senses. The slightly pensive intro gives way to something altogether more furious and intense, and it’s the intensity that spills over into penultimate number ‘Umbrellas’. Belgium has always been a stronghold of hardcore (Arkangel) , death metal (Aborted) and grind (Agathocles), apologies for the A’s, but CERE proves that there’s much more to the nation than that. 

Closing Endless Days with ‘Roses’, CERE weave’s in so many different elements, including cinematic post-rock, black metal and post-hardcore. It’s a fantastic song to end on, although that end comes way too quickly. There’s a truly invigorating rawness to CERE’s sound. I yearn to hear this in an intimate live setting, with bass tones bouncing off walls into my ears and sweat dripping onto my head. In fact there’s a venue here in Harrogate (Yorkshire) where they would fit perfectly if ever a UK tour were to happen. Please make it happen!.

You can stream and purchase Endless Days digitally from CERE below:-

It's also available from Black Basset Records here -


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