Friday 19 May 2023

YCПЕХ! - Уят

Labels: Polar Summer

Formats: Tape/Digital

Release Date: 11 Mar 2016


1. 29 Грамм

2. Le Coffret

3. Сары Челектеги Бир Кичинекей Окуя

Earlier this week I tried to explain to somebody why I like heavy music. During that chat, we got onto the subject of listening habits and playing the same songs over and over. I said that my listening habits were a bit like having ADHD in that I'm always looking for different bands, lesser known and weirder bands. Never being content with those I already know (to an extent). When I was having that conversation, I didn't think I'd be writing about a lo-fi and experimental emoviolence band from Kyrgyzstan but there you go.

I'm on a bit of a deep dive at the moment, which includes Russian label Polar Summer and bands from Eastern Europe/Asia. Having written about Russia's More Future Suffering a few weeks ago, it's time to delve deeper again and discover what YCПЕХ! (or yspeh) are all about to this newcomer.

Apparently this entire EP was recorded using the dictaphone on an iPhone 5, which is probably a first for me. It does; however, make sense with the off-kilter, lo-fi screamo of EP opener ’29 Грамм’. It’s thirty-seconds of harsh vocals and erratic yet melodic guitar, backed up by rustic percussion (no doubt thanks to the phone’s recording capabilities at the time). 

‘Le Coffret’ sounds somewhat fuller initially thanks to the plucked guitar. I don’t know if it was professionally recorded but that’s how it comes across, before the rest of the band comes in with more rawness. I love the opposing atmospheres between the more relaxed guitar passages and the explosive bursts in between. There’s a real structure to the song, which is something I didn’t think I’d be saying.

‘Сары Челектеги Бир Кичинекей Окуя’ closes this single-sided EP in quite dramatic style with it’s lengthy instrumental build-up before exploding with freakishly high-pitched screams that sit deeper in the recording but still manage to extrude as well. Musically and in general, YCПЕХ! are excellent on this release. 

They have released plenty of music since this EP surfaced in 2016 and I’m still to discover it all properly. The tantalising prospect of releases with greater volume and production values build anticipation for sure, but this EP is a great listen as it is. 

You can stream and download the EP via bandcamp below:-

Tape copies from Polar Summer are long sold out.

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