Monday 15 May 2023

Kaal Nagini - Refracted Lights Of A Blind God

Labels: Iron Bonehead Productions

Formats: Vinyl/CD/Digital

Release Date: 14 Apr 2023


1. Nameless Archetype Of Pantheonless Antiquity

2. Refracted Lights Of A Blind God

3. Lord Of The Two Doors And The Seven Portals

4. Double Tongued Serpent Of 

Kaal Nagini is the latest band to rise from the infamous and mysterious Kolkata Inner Order. The circle of bands that make up the Order, including Aparthiva Raktadhara and Tetragrammacide amongst others have been championed by Iron Bonehead Productions ever since their inception. This four song EP was released just over a month ago via the German label. The trio that make up Kaal Nagini give nothing away regarding their identity nor their musical history. With that in mind, now is the perfect time to embrace their debut.

Sometimes I get drawn to certain bands or geographical collectives and the Kolkata Inner Order is one such collective that I’ve been following from afar over the last few years. From my failed attempts to obtain interviews with some of the Order’s members in recent years to the mystery that surrounds them, it’s time once again to dive into the noise that shapes Kalikshetra.

Kaal Nagini have been described as a maximalist band. EP opener ‘Nameless Archetype Of Pantheonless Antiquity’ initially counters that description with quietness before an abrupt change of pace and volume occurs. Fast, percussion-led death metal is the reason for that tempo change, with it’s equally heavy guitar work and deep deathly growls. Rawness exists within the mix here but it only goes to add authenticity to Kaal Nagini’s sound.

The EP’s titles track ‘Refracted Lights Of A Blind God’ reminds me of the intensity delivered by fellow Iron Bonehead bands White Nights and Pa Vesh En. Disturbingly extreme yet satisfyingly cleansing at the same time. Maybe I just find solace in noise sometimes. 

Martial noise takes it’s place amongst ‘Lord Of The Two Doors And The Seven Portals’ and it disarms you straight away, thanks to the sheer abandon of Kaal Nagini. Granted, this release will only appeal to an ardent group of extreme metal listeners but that’s kind of the point. Music like this isn’t recorded for the masses. It’s for those who truly understand it and in most cases, for the band themselves.

EP closer ‘Double Tongued Serpent Of Kú’ provides one last heady blast of disgustingly extreme death metal, which lasts even longer than the songs before it. It’s that extremity that stands out for me with this release. Death metal as a sub-genre has been growing exponentially over the last couple of years and it’s been branching off in many directions. Kaal Nagini may have ushered in another such branch. The emerging Indian extreme metal community is a fertile one, with Kolkata’s leading the way. If you give it’s constituents time you’ll be repaid.

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