Thursday 29 June 2023

Excrucis - Excrucis Full Album Premiere

Tomorrow will see the release of the new self-titled album from Chicago, Illinois screamo/math-rock quartet Excrucis. Bringing to mind a cross breed of Blind Girls and These Arms Are Snakes, with members having played in the likes of Nouveau (post-hardcore), Not For You (dark rock) and other bands over the last decade.

This evening I'm honoured to be able to bring you a full album premiere, in suitably unannounced fashion:-

You'll be able to see from the video above that the usual attention to detail has been put into the tapes from Tomb Tree. Those swirl tapes look amazing! In terms of pressing quantities there will be 151 tapes in all with 85 band white, 15 ZBR white, 25 orange swirl, 21 random swirl and 5 test dip tapes with matching swirl cases.

I'll be writing a full review of this release along with the Seasons Worn EP in the very near future, but here's the track list in advance of the release:-


1. One Must Make A Living

2. At Least Until The Plague Takes You

3. Mandated Violence

4. Proper Name, A Broken Plaything

5. Drowning The Second Sister

6. Conspiracy Of Solitude

7. Deviancy Amplification Spiral

8. Contrition

9. Maudlin Pirouette

You'll be able to stream and purchase the album digitally from Excrucis on bandcamp here:- 

You can order tape copies tomorrow from Tomb Tree via their US store here - and their CAN/INTL store here -

Tomb Tree -

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