Tuesday 4 July 2023

Alex B Kurbis - Mondays And Tuesdays

Labels: Self-Released

Formats: CD/Tape/Digital

Release Date: 12 Jun 2023


1. While Not In Paris

2. In And Out Of Moment And Focus

3. Bargain Hunting

4. Topical Kinda

5. Lesson 3

6. Aurora Babsealis

7. While Not In Manchester

8. Crowbar Handy

9. Mondays And Tuesdays

10. Finders Keepers

11. Beehive

I've been trying in vain to find out who Alex B Kurbis is. I thought they might have been a historical figure that could have added a bit of weight to this opening paragraph. Lack of educational facts aside, Alex B Kurbis (the band) only recently came to my attention. The band is based in Switzerland and is about to embark on a UK run of shows later this week! Mondays And Tuesdays is the band's debut album and was released last month. An amalgamation of punk, indie, emo and more.

Opening with a song that has the most apt title (if you’re up on current events), ‘While Not In Paris’  is less chaos and more sweet melody, wrapped up in a slice of mid-paced indiemo/punk. A glorious sing-along if ever there was one. ’In And Out Of Moment And Focus’ brims with understated post-punk alongside it’s more upbeat moments. The production/mixing/mastering for what is essentially a DIY solo-recorded album is brilliant. It was mastered by Joe Caithness (who has also worked with Doe, Human Hands, Renounced amongst many others). If you’re a fan of UK emo/post-hardcore and computer game soundtracks, you’ll know how good his work is.

I’ve forgotten how much fun it is just to listen to a band like Alex B Kurbis to be honest, as I tend to have my ears buried deep in much heavier bands but ‘Bargain Hunting’ is the feel-good hit this summer needs even if it’s not blaring out from festival stages (which it should be!). Mondays And Tuesdays is an intricately written album when you delve deeper into it, as no song sounds the same. ‘Topical Kinda’ is darker than it first seems, taking subtle cues from The Cure and Franz Ferdinand. My sphere of reference when it comes to similar bands is limited but comparisons aside, I like it a lot.

The riffs jump out on ‘Lesson 3” with a whole heap of upbeat melody and joyous colour. Colour that’s magnified by the vocals and all-round song-writing. The percussion gives off so many pop-punk vibes without being cheesy (though maybe it’s only me that can hear Lit in this song!). More intricate musicianship fills the relatively short ‘Aurora Babsealis’. It’s hooks are subtle but they still make it memorable. For an album that features eleven songs it goes by way too quickly, especially when you cross over the midway point here.

‘While Not In Manchester’ isn’t an ode to Britpop. Instead, it weaves a vitriolic and celebratory collage of sound that’s way more engrossing than it first appears. Noise (in the scuzzy rock sense) isn’t really a thing on Mondays And Tuesdays, but if it was then the intro to ‘Crowbar Handy’ would be as close as it gets. It gives way very quickly to reveal more warming punk. The album’s title-track ‘Mondays And Tuesdays’ acts like an interlude but It’s perfectly placed to lead you into penultimate song ‘Finders Keepers’. By now, you’ll know what to expect from Alex B Kurbis and if you’re not on board with it then you’ve got no soul.

Final song ‘Beehive’ closes things out with a bleary eyed nostalgia that’s rooted in the UK music scene of old, with it’s anthemic melodies and sensitive instrumentation. It’s been a breath of fresh air listening to this record this evening and I’m feeling way more positive because of it. Props to Alex B Kurbis for writing such an enjoyable album.

You can stream and purchase Mondays And Tuesdays as a name-your-price download below:-

The flyer for the band's imminent UK tour is below, where CD and Tape copies will be available:-

Alex B Kurbis - https://www.facebook.com/alexbkurbis

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