Friday 28 July 2023

Loose Teeth - Confronting The Inevitable Premiere

July 31st, save the date, because it's the day that the brand new split between Toronto (CAN) chaotic hardcore band Loose Teeth and and fellow metalcore countrymen Constrain is being released by Tomb Tree. To wet your appetites for the release, I'm lucky enough to be able to share Loose Teeth's closing song 'Confronting The Inevitable'. Play it loud below:-

Loose Teeth had the following to say about both the song and the split:-

“Confronting the inevitable is a commentary on the encombrant struggle that is; accepting a wealth of mental health issues brought on by years of maladaptive substance abuse as a means of coping with trauma. It is meant as a reminder that there comes a time when excessive medication used as an anxious-avoidant agent without coupled therapy - or other means of acceptance - leads to a breaking point. For some, that breaking point can be harnessed as a positive turning point where they seek out appropriate help or manage to make significant changes on their own. For others, it can mean a detrimental impact on their livelihood or worse.”

“This split is a large departure for Loose Teeth. We wanted to do something different and express our more emotive side following “A Comorbid Letter” and ahead of an even more aggressive album later this year. There are very few times where we have a moment to breathe and reflect when expressing the darkest forms of ourselves constantly and we had some spare time to do so over the pandemic when we wrote these songs from opposite sides of the continent together. Constrain are a new group formed from long-standing friends and pillars of the hardcore community in Hamilton and they were a natural fit. We’re also stoked to be backed by the amazing people at Tomb Tree and even had some assistance from No Funeral Records with the artwork.”

In terms of the physical goods from Tomb Tree, the split will be pressed on a total of 33 tapes. 20 will be on silver swirl, 10 on grey with 3 test dips coming with matching swirl cases. You can peek them below:-

Finally, the full tracklisting for the split is as follows:-

1. Constrain - The Fantastic Mr. Fox (You cussin_ with me -) ft. Thomas Erak of The Fall Of Troy

2. Loose Teeth - Rancor

3. Constrain - Lavitz

4. Loose Teeth - Longest Week

5. Constrain - When I Was Sick

6. Loose Teeth - Confronting The Inevitable

Keep your eyes peeled on the links below for news of the split drop:-

Tomb Tree - /

Loose Teeth -

Constrain -

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