Friday 7 July 2023

Seasons Worn - A Flower In Faith

Labels: Tomb Tree

Formats: Tape/Digital

Release Date: 14 Jul 2023


1. The Rose Chamber

2. Tragedy

3. Bound In Dead Leaves

4. The One Who Stops The Water (feat. Jordan Chase)

5. Revealing Light

Another working week draws to a close and I'm exhausted. Two days of rest just aren't enough! Hopefully this EP will give me a boost of energy. As promised when I premiered 'The One Who Stops The Water' two weeks ago, I'm looping back round to give the full EP from Canada's Seasons Worn a review prior to it's release next Friday via Tomb Tree. A Flower In Faith is the second EP to come from the band in little over sixteen months.

For those who are discovering Seasons Worn for the first time, the trio plays dissonant/off-kilter hardcore that leans into metalcore. The EP’s cover art gives off an old-school metalcore vibe and opener ‘The Rose Chamber’ flies out of the traps with plenty of signature changes and anxious heaviness. There are some solid mosh parts going on too, but the breakdowns are subtle (if at all). ‘Tragedy’ could be an homage to the legendary US hardcore band of the same name, but I doubt it is (as cool as that would be). It sees Seasons Worn picking up the pace considerably, leaving no room for breath. 

When I was writing the premiere a couple of weeks ago I was listening to the EP in full. I drew comparisons to Refused at the time and ‘Bound In Dead Leaves’ was the song playing at the time. The vocal delivery reminded me a lot of Denis Lyxzen, as did the riffs later on in the song. I still stand by that comparison.  Single ‘The One Who Stops The Water’ takes things back in a more chaotic direction, with more off-kilter rhythms, riffs and screamed vocals that could shred vocal cords. It’s an exhilarating song that ends in the most unlikely way (you’ll understand when you listen to it). 

EP closer ‘Revealing Light’ leads with furious drumming while excellent dual guitar riffs bring the melody up front. The remainder of the song provides heart-wrenching bellows and symphonic-like instrumentation. For  a five song EP, there’s a lot going on here. That’s good though as music shouldn’t sit still and bands should never get comfortable. I’ll be honest and say that I’ve spent most of the last few weeks listening to the newest Sleep Token record. You may pour scorn on my music taste but it sort of proves my point. Seasons Worn aren’t just settling for one distinct sound. They’re clearly willing to be experimental and expansive. I’m completely on board with that. 

You can stream and download the single 'The One Who Stops The Water' prior to the full release below:-

Seasons Worn -

Keep checking below for pictures and links for the imminent tapes:-

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