Friday 21 July 2023

Neuman Portentum - God Monster

Labels: Ripping Records/Zegema Beach Records

Formats: Vinyl/Digital

Release Date: 02 Jul 2023


1. Crucifixion Asphyxiation

2. Fourth Movement

3. A Brick Through The Window Of Opportunity

4. Ghost

There's a sad story linked to the release of this four-track LP containing songs by Floridian hardcore/screamo band Neuman Portentum. The band existed for merely a year between 1998 and 1999 before splitting up, without releasing any finished songs. Their bassist Ron K paid to get the original tape tracks converted to digital ones in order to make this vinyl release happen, before he sadly passed away last year. With all of that being said, this release is a celebration of both Neuman Portentum and more importantly Ron, and his love for the music that he helped create.

Having the privilege of hearing a band from the late 90s such as Neuman Portentum is not lost on me. The fact that recordings like this are being preserved is fantastic. LP opener ‘Crucifixion Asphyxiation’ is a breath a fresh air as it’s heaviness is tempered by plenty of introspective ambience and melody. Sometimes we forget about the bands that paved the way for what we know and love today musically. Despite Neuman Portentum’s very short lifespan there’s more than enough to inspire here. That extended instrumental mid-section gives way to sludgy hardcore mixed with vicious yet emotive screamo. Not quite emoviolence but veering towards it in brutal fashion. 

There’s a shift in mood during second song ‘Fourth Movement’, given the sampled call to prayer that adorns the intro. Lowly guitar and synths lead into something much darker. There might be an anti-religious slant to the song here and I’m certainly not averse to it if so. Whatever the subject matter, it’s properly furious and engrossing throughout. The band split up due to a difference of opinion around politics and it’s influence in their direction. It’s a shame that it thwarted their progress.

The song title ‘A Brick Through The Window Of Opportunity’ is not just brilliantly thought out but it’s also apt for the current climate in which we live. It fits musically too, as Neuman Portentum make it their longest song. Bold riffs, aggressive blasts and squalid screams are all present alongside Ron’s unique bass delivery, which adds so much heft to the music. Even for me who was not familiar with the band prior to this release, is getting quite emotional listening to it.

LP closer ‘Ghost’ opens with another dramatic sample before Neuman Portentum unleashes a final blast of their metallic, anxiety-inducing screamo/hardcore. It’s melodic without being over-the-top, while progressiveness shows through as it has throughout. It’s definitely one of those releases where you long for more but savouring what’s in front of you is important too. No comparisons are needed here.

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