Sunday 27 October 2019

Corroder - Instinct 7"

Labels: Ramekuukkeli-Levyt/Several Casualties Productions/Tuhkaa & Paskaa Esittaa Records
Formats: Vinyl
Release Date: 01 May 2019


1. Join Us
2. Ecumence
3. Scum
4. Deathwish
5. A Long Day
6. Valid Argument

Back in August I wrote about Corroder's 7" "Doctrine" that forms one half of the double 7" release that also includes "Instinct". Released in May of this year, it's been the first music I've heard by this Finnish hardcore/sludge band and given their lack of Internet presence, that music does the talking. Unlike a lot of Finnish bands that I've featured here, their lyrics are in English. I'm not sure if I mentioned this in my earlier review or not.

As with “Doctrine”, “Instinct” is another short but heavy affair, with EP opener Join Us kicking off with no warning. Corroder’s crusty hardcore sound is overwhelming. Ecumence is even faster and there are subtle signs of sludge floating around the band’s feet, amid the blasting and noisy riffs. Scum follows up as the last song on the a-side in a more claustrophobic manner at first, before Corroder unleashes their frightening hardcore again. While slightly raw, it’s technically strong and enjoyable without being overcomplicated.

The b-side is exactly the same with raging, bass-heavy riffs and a bleak atmosphere on Deathwish. The mix once again of high and low pitched growls adding an edge of excitement. A Long Day brings the pace down with sludge again showing itself. It’s more of a minimalist effort this time, but no less teeth-rattling. It’s the longest song on this EP and it has a strange air of calmness towards the end. EP closer Valid Argument breaks that calm feeling with one final blast of Corroder at their wildest. 

As much as I still love the 7” format, it would be nice sometimes to be able to hear songs without the need to flip them over, which is definitely the case with both Corroder EPs, though I can understand them wanting to stick to the physical format. There’s only one song from “Instinct” available to stream and download via their bandcamp page, so go for it and support the band by picking up this double 7” as it’s certainly worth it.

As mentioned above, Ecumence is available to stream and grab as a name-your-price download via Corroder's bandcamp page below:-

You can buy physical copies by getting in touch with the labels below:-

Several Casualties Productions -

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