Saturday 17 August 2019

Corroder - Doctrine 7"

Labels: Ramekuukkeli-Levyt/Several Casualties Productions/Tuhkaa & Paskaa Esittaa Records
Formats: Vinyl
Release Date: 01 May 2019


1. Tightrope
2. Nothing
3. Constructive Criticism
4. Cacophony

"Doctrine" is the first of two 7"s that were released earlier this year by unknown Finnish hardcore/sludge band Corroder. I uses the term unknown because, apart from a bandcamp page containing just two songs, little is known about the band. This and second 7" "Instinct" were sent to me by Ramekuukkeli-Levyt and I must apologise for the time it's taken me to write this review. The double release was made possible with the help of Several Casualties Productions and Tuhkaa & Paskaa Esittaa Records.

This is incredibly bass-heavy sludge with touches of hardcore and crust sewn in. Opener Tightrope is as black (atmosphere-wise) as the vinyl it’s pressed onto. The vocals are made up of deep roars and higher-pitched shrieks, while the guitars assert themselves at the lower end of the register and the drums are gloriously analogue-sounding alongside them. Nothing is groovier in tempo and there’s more of a metal influence in it as well. I’m playing this on my turntable with the volume at a moderate level (as I live in a flat and don’t want to fall out with my neighbours) but the music still seems to shake the room.

The b-side carries on the upturn in pace, with the crusty monolith of Constructive Criticism. The guitar melodies are slightly more noticeable here, but it’s still murky and angry. The off-kilter delivery also knocks you for six. There’s a brief moment of calm and inner-reflection as quiet strings help the 7” transition to its final song Cacophony. Here, Corroder goes back in search of the suffocating sludge that greeted the listener at the start of this EP. This time though it’s instrumental for a larger proportion, with the vocals being used more sparingly. Angular riffs back up the screams and the percussion helps to bring things to a close. 

“Doctrine” is a no-frills EP from a fairly no-frills band. People tend to speak in derisory terms about the 7” format but it still works well, especially for Corroder. Their heavy, sludgy hardcore is perfectly suited to the format, even if it’s over all too quickly.

Several Casualties Productions -

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