Tuesday 20 August 2019

Bob Malmstrom - Lange Leve Bob Malmstrom

Labels: Elitbolaget
Formats: Digital
Release Date: 05 Apr 2019


1. Modersmalets Sang (Med Runeberskoren BSB)
2. Hang Dig!
3. Du Ar Problemet
4. Ruttet Te
5. Se Dig I Spegeln
6. Skal! (Favorit I Repris - Med Anette Grevberg Och Runeberskoren BSB)

I'm revisiting Finland again this evening (I could probably spend the rest of this year talking about Finnish punk and metal, but I won't). Hardcore-punk quartet Bob Malmstrom is the newest band to cross my inbox and thanks to native label Elitbolaget, I'm able to review the band's latest EP "Lange Leve Bob Malmstrom". They've enlisted the help of Borgar male voice choir Runeberskoren BSB, Finnish folk musician Anette Grevberg and the production of Teemu Aalto (whose worked with Insomnium and Omnium Gatherum) to help bring the EP to life.

EP opener Modersmalets Sang features the voices of the impressive Runeberskoren BSB. It’s a long way from Bob Malmstrom’s hardcore-punk, but it’s lovely and will put you in a truly serene mood. A mood that is snatched away from you as soon as Hang Dig! begins. The quartet’s punk is on the faster and louder side with nods to grindcore, thrash and typical Finnish frivolity. 

Du Ar Problemet contains some really good guitar work and pure 80s rock-n-roll clean backing singing, which sit really well next to the harsh lead vocals. In fact the whole song has that 80s vibe flowing through it, thanks to every instrument and to Bob Malmstrom’s song-writing. The intensity is turned up many notches again on Ruttet Te, where things go in an altogether more metal direction. It’s fast and furious without being a mere rehash.

I’ll tell you what, these guys have some chops! Se Dig I Spegeln once again traverses the line between punk and rock n roll, and it’s so easy to why the two genres are so intertwined. Yes it’s heavy in places but I defy you not to enjoy it. EP closer Skal! is like a folk version of one of Bob Malmstrom’s own songs and I’ll admit, it’s what I was expecting when I started listening to the band. I’m not sure why I thought that. It’s great though and suits the overall feel of “Lange Leve Bob Malmstrom” though.

This is another short EP but it’s entertainment value will stay with you for days (and I mean that in a good way). There’s a lot more to their musical palette than just hardcore-punk and it makes this a much brighter listen. Leave your stoney faced elitism behind for a bit and listen to this!

You can stream and purchase the EP from Bob Malmstrom below:-

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