Monday 12 August 2019

Pacifist - Greyscale Dreams

Labels: Self-Released/Inspirus Records
Formats: Digital
Release Date: 16 Jun 2019


1. Reactionary
2. Double Down
3. Pedigreed
4. Greyscale Dreams

I've been playing with my schedule a bit and have decided to throw this into the mix. Post-hardcore from India in the form of Mumbai's Pacifist. "Greyscale Dreams" is their debut EP and it's rad to see bands getting swept up in the sound, especially when they're from different countries and scenes. This EP was self-released digitally by the band back in mid-June and I heard about it shortly after that. India is beginning to produce some excellent bands from the alternative/heavy end of the musical spectrum and I'm excited about this.

Pacifist’s sound does not bare resemblance to their country’s traditional roots at all. They’re clearly a band that’s been brought up on punk and hardcore and opening song Reactionary is well and truly a product of that. The vocals draw comparisons to the likes of Snapcase and Zach De La Rocha from RATM at his angriest, while the instrumentation is driving and full of impact, which is perfect given the short song length. Double Down plays on Pacfist’s off-kilter influences and drills home their caustic sense of delivery. That said, it’s melodic in all the right places and the clash of both heaviness and melody works so well here. They’re also able to add sensitive passages to the song that help to break up the obvious angst that courses] through it. 

The unmistakable hardcore of Pedigreed is counterbalanced by semi-clean vocals. There’s a definite rock vibe to this and it’s hard to explain but it has that larger-than-life feel that just makes you feel unbeatable. Music should be like that though and Pacifist have nailed it here. The title-track closes out the EP and the dystopian commentary that’s delivered via the lyrics. Pacifist talks about the light that barely shines through today’s humanity but it certainly shines through their music. When post-hardcore/screamo legends are returning to that fray with over-produced and expensively recorded albums, you should be digging deeper into the layers that sit beneath them. Pacifist are coming up to the surface quickly and you should take note. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

You can stream "Greyscale Dreams" and purchase it digitally below:-

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