Monday 21 October 2019

Kurokuma/Under - Kurokunder Split 7"

Labels: Astral Noize Records
Formats: Vinyl/Digital
Release Date: 15 Nov 2019


1. Kurokuma - The Tides Of Time
2. Under - Abyssal Gigantism

Here's something that's not even out yet! I'm covering something before it's release for the first time in ages, as a I combat the usual humdrum of real life. This little split 7" features Kurokuma and Under, who once led you to believe they had actual band beef. As it turns out they don't and here's the proof. It's going to be released by Astral Noize Records in November and features an Ecco The Dolphin cover (originally a 1992 Sega Genesis video game) from Kurokuma and an original song from Under. 

A band covering a 16-bit soundtrack is at odds with the whole 16-bit/modular synth scene that exists outside of this sphere, but that’s not the point. The point is that it’s Kurokuma and they’re ace. Their take on The Tides Of Time (from the video game Ecco The Dolphin) is a re-imagining that to some might be unthinkable but to others will make complete sense. Their bass-heavy doom lends itself perfectly to the cinematic soundtrack and is a breath of fresh air in creative terms. Who’d have though it eh!

Haling from the other side of the Pennines to Kurokuma, Under don’t let county boundaries get in the way of their noise-making and Abyssal Gigantism is certainly noisy. It encompasses elements from a whole heap of musical tangents, from the experimental off-kilter vibes of Mastodon and TDEP to the grunge-like vocals and atmospherics of Deftones and Tool. There’s loads going on and it shows a hint of Under’s progression towards a UK prog/sludge/noise mainstay.

This split is fun but it’s also creative. Music needs people to be creative or it’ll fade into mediocrity like many a current pop act (sorry, I’m biased). Kurokuma’s groove has always been a big part of their appeal for me, while Under’s unapologetic noise is born out of true UK grit. Throw your support behind both the bands and Astral Noize Records now and when this 7” is released.

Here's a little video teaser for you:-

You can pre-order this release both digitally and physically via Astral Noize Records here:-

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