Sunday 28 January 2018

Nekroholocaust - Hymns Of Ruthless Pestilence

Labels: Brutal Mind Productions
Formats: CD/Digital
Release Date: 13th Oct 2017


1. Glorification Of Barbarity (Intro)
2. Self-Inflicted Genital Mutilation
3. Excruciating Savage Butchery
4. Hideous Atrocities
5. Seeds Of Nihilism (Instrumental)
6. Interlude
7. Pseudocommando
8. Hymns Of Ruthless Pestilence
9. Psychopathic Hallucinations Of Morbid Perversities

Nekroholocaust is the first band from The Philippines to appear on this blog. They're probably also the slammiest, deathiest band in the country (that I know of anyway). Their debut full-length "Hymns Of Ruthless Pestilence" was released via Indonesian slam/death label Brutal Mind Productions last October and it was the band themselves that got in touch with me. It just goes to show the power of Social Media when it's used right. The trio from Bacalod City has been spewing out gruesome blasts since 2004, releasing a demo, a single, a few splits and two live albums in the process. If you need any more persuading to read on, just feast your eyes on the cover art that adorns this beast.

“Hymns Of Ruthless Pestilence” begins with the intro Glorification Of Barbarity and the familiar sound of the “O Fortuna”. It’s a pity they didn’t re-imagine it in brutal death metal form (and it begs the questions as to whether they’re even bothered about copyright law!). They get down on dirty for real on Self-Inflicted Genital Mutilation, with filthy bass riffs, blasting toms and pig-squeals. The breakdowns are peppered with pinch-harmonics and they use sampled screams to further add to the horror. Talking of screams, there are some disturbing vocals on Excruciating Savage Butchery, as well as automatic gun fire. The riffs are tight though and occasionally they venture away from stomach churning brutality and into the safer waters of classic death metal. I can’t think of a better name for a song of this ilk than Hideous Atrocities, though it is both one of the grooviest and most off-kilter songs on the record. 

Seeds Of Nihilism is a really solid instrumental song that’s got plenty of hardcore riffs in it, while the Interlude that follows breaks up the momentum of the album. which is kind of sad really. More slams!!! Nekroholocaust get back on it with Pseudocommando and it’s bangtastic. The way the trio transitions mid-way through from fast to mid-tempo is great and they sound really tight. It’s all the on the right side of goregrind as well, which is a bit of a relief. The title-track sees the return of the tom that’s somewhat overpowering, as it drowns out the cymbals and the bass. That said, it’s still a fun listen. The absurdity of Psychopathic Hallucinations Of Morbid Perversities is more than matched by it’s title. It brings to an end an album that may be an acquired taste to some, but that’s also genuine and fun. The recording and production may take some getting used to, but it shows great promise and Nekroholocaust are great at writing catchy songs (believe it or not). Good work.

You can stream "Hymns Of Ruthless Pestilence" in full and buy on digital or on CD below:-

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