Saturday 6 January 2018

Apophys - Devoratis

Label: Ultimate Massacre Productions
Formats: CD/Digital
Release Date: 22 Jan 2018


1. Children Of The Stars
2. The Verdict
3. Xiux - The Parasite
4. Matters Unresolved
5. Deadlock
6. Respite (Interlude)
7. What We Will Be
8. Retaliate
9. Occasus

Saturdays are the best. I spent the afternoon record shopping and cooking. I'm now relaxing with the soon-to-be-released 2nd album from Dutch tech-death band Apophys. "Devoratis" is due for release on cd and digitally via Czech label Ultimate Massacre Productions on January 22nd. At the back end of last year, Apophys supported both Exhumed and Aborted in The Netherlands and they've been getting a fair amount of press coverage in relation to this new record. While they may be a new name to some, their ranks feature a collective of musicians with a lot of experience. 

With America seemingly leading the way in the tech-death stakes of late, it’s left to bands like Apophys to wrestle the upper-hand back for Europe. Early signs are positive on album opener Children Of The Stars. Blistering percussion, off-kilter riffs, thunderous bass and a mix of low growls and clean bursts of vox batter you from all angles. The Verdict adds pinch harmonics and occasional slams into the mix, all while retaining the faster-than-you-can-blink kick drumming. I feel like this song should finish the album with that title though! 

They exhibit a keen ear for old-school death on Xiux - The Parasite and inject the opening bars with plenty of atmosphere. It’s surprising to hear how slowing the tempo down slightly can make such a difference to their sound. It’s a good shift, even if it is only minimal. It’s also the first chance to hear the lead guitar soloing, which adds to the progressive nature of the song. It's not long after that Apophys presses the warp-speed button once more on Matters UnresolvedThey will sit easily alongside Berlin’s Cerebral Turmoil in the technicality stakes that’s for sure! 

Deadlock is more of a straight-up grind/death song but it’s never too far away from some mind-bending signatures and unrelenting power. Apophys sees fit to make Respite an interlude and it does break up the brutality, though I’d argue that it’s not needed when the rest of the album is this fun. 

Crunching riffs are the order of the day on What We Will Be. The song itself sees another twist in direction from the band, at times heading into thrash-like territory albeit briefly. They never quite leave their tech-death path though and instead retreat to browbeat you some more. All that’s left now is for you to slowly turn to mush to the insanity of penultimate song Retaliate, which includes some added hardcore attitude amongst the guitar duelling. 

Rounding out the madness with Occasus, Apophys has written and performed an album that’s bewildering and impressive in equal measure. They said themselves on social media that “2018 would be their year” and it’s hard not to agree with them. Fantastically heavy and technically adept. 

You can stream both Deadlock and Retaliate below, where you can also pre-order "Decorates" digitally and physically via Ultimate Massacre Productions:-

Ultimate Massacre Productions -

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