Wednesday 3 January 2018

Sect - No Cure For Death

Label: Southern Lord Recordings
Formats: LP/CD
Release Date: Nov 24th 2017


1. Open Grave
2. Day For Night
3. Crocodile Prayers
4. Reality's Wake
5. Stripes
6. Liberal Arts
7. Born Razed
8. Transaction
9. Least Resistance
10. Avoidance Ritual

Social commentary and rage against the current US Presidential machine are hot topics right now, but there are hardcore bands that are about more than that. Enter US/Canadian straight-edgers Sect, who released their new album "No Cure For Death" via Southern Lord Recordings last November. As individuals their hardcore pedigrees precede them, but as a band they transcend their own reputations in order to make the world a better and more conscious place.

“No Cure For Death” is made up of ten quick-fire old-school hardcore songs. Sect doesn’t bother with a lengthy intro on LP opener Open Grave, instead going straight into a feedback-ridden number that crosses over into metallic powerviolence territory at times. They have huge riffs, powerful percussion and bass. Sitting atop of the instrumentation are vitriolic yet positive vocals. Day For Night hammers home their message in a short/sharp ninety-second blast of straight-up hardcore. 

Crocodile Prayers follows it with blinding pace and leaves no place to hide. There are mosh parts contained within it that aren’t super obvious and the record retains a raw and honest sound thanks to both the recording (by Kurt Ballou) and the mastering (by Alan Douches). The riffs on Reality’s Wake transport you back to a time before metallic hardcore/metalcore became overcrowded sub-genres. It’s brooding and bass-heavy, and you can hear the vocals instead of them being inaudible (that’s true of the whole album in fact). 

The ringing feedback of Stripes acts as a warning siren, as Sect tears into another short hardcore jam. They up the intensity on Liberal Arts one again with a breakdown towards the end that’s executed in a way that only vets like these can pull off. No-nonsense song Born Razed careens through forty-five seconds of belligerent grinding hardcore and while the tempo is tempered slightly on Transaction that follows it, the heaviness remains. 

Penultimate song Least Resistance punches through the violence to become a positive example of the band’s collective rage. Sect closes out “No Cure For Death” with Avoidance Ritual, which has the swagger of bands like ETID and a lot of metal influence in the low harmonies of the guitars. It’s an album that’s short and to the point, which should come as no surprise. Sect is another great hardcore band and Southern Lord seems to have a knack with that sort of thing. 

You can stream "No Cure For Death" and buy it digitally, as well on LP/CD via Sect's bandcamp page below:-

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