Tuesday 9 January 2018

Hexis - XII

Labels: Crown And Throne Ltd/Moment Of Collapse/Division Records/Truthseeker Music
Formats: LP/CD/Digital
Release Date: 30th Sep 2017


1. Derelictus
2. Nefarius
3. Famelicus
4. Miseria
5. Sacrificium

You often hear mainstream pop/rock acts saying they're the "hardest working" bands around. Most of those bands are pampered though and driven around in big tour buses. Hexis is the complete opposite, with their DIY approach and lust for constant touring, which saw them play 195 shows over the course of 2017 in Asia, the Middle East, Europe & the USA. They also found time to release their most recent full-length "Tando Ashanti" and this EP "XII", all but six months apart. I'm a little late with this, but it's definitely still hot!

Hexis is most definitely one of those bands whose recorded output more than matches their live performances (minus the strobe light though!). “XII” begins with the raging, blackened spectacle that is Derelictus. It’s feels like a precursor for the uninitiated, as the band’s careening percussion, riffs and vocals open up with a near sixty-second blast. Their music is more than just power and fury though and they weave atmosphere into every bar, which is why it’s such a captivating experience seeing them in a live setting. 

Nefarius is the closest that Hexis has ever got to black metal and it’s part of a trend (if I can call it that) that European bands are grabbing and running with at the moment. Black metal seems to be a more prominent fixture on “XII” amongst the band’s grinding, hardcore noise. Famelicus gives you subtle yet menacing melody that’s buried within the music, complimenting the mid-range shrieks and feedback that envelopes it. The cymbal crashes are also a constant and remind you of the band’s metallic nature. 

Talking of feedback, the huge swathe that greets you on Miseria is both harrowing and hypnotising at the same time. The urgency that Hexis attacks the song with is reminiscent of the aforementioned strobe light and there’s no way to hide from it. It definitely helps to banish the memory of a shitty working day. Closing song Sacrificium reminds of the crusty goodness of Totem Skin (RIP) and thus is already a winner. The lengthy instrumental passage at it’s beginning is a thing of beauty, lasting nearly two minutes. There’s something life affirming about it as Hexis passes over to their flailing finale. The whole song is violent and exhausting but you won’t want it to end. 

There’s no much else left to say really. Just jam this glorious wall of noise and prepare yourself for their next raid on the UK (whenever that is). 

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Moment Of Collapse Records - http://records.kollektif.eu

Moment Of Collapse Records - https://www.facebook.com/momentofcollapse/

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