Saturday 13 January 2018

Garden Of Worm/The Wandering Midget - Split 7"

Labels: Pariah Child/Acidmen Records/Ramekuukkeli-levyt
Formats: Vinyl
Release Date: 1st Dec 2017


1. Garden Of Worm - Whirls
2. The Wandering Midget - Man With Black Hole Eyes

Here's a new split 7" featuring Finnish doom band (and Svart Records signees) Garden Of Worm and their compatriots The Wandering Midget, also a doom band. This split 7" was released in December last year and dropped through my letterbox last week, thanks to Tuukka of Ramekuukkeli-levyt. Garden Of Worm has been playing progressive doom since 2003, releasing two full-lengths via Shadow Kingdom Records and Svart Records respectively. The Wandering Midget has been around for a similar period of time, also with two full-lengths released via Eyes Of Snow from Germany. 

Garden Of Worm’s Whirls is a heady mix of traditional instrumentation and progression in it’s early bars and it’s slow to build. The bass in most prominent amongst the instrumentation. The volumes rise as the guitar and the drums come into the mix further and the songs pace increases. The vocals are cleanly sung and the melodies they create lay between medieval folk and psychedelic rock. It’s all very gentle and soothing.

The Wandering Midget also has a folky feel on Man With Black Hole Eyes. Their sound is beefier and more akin to doom; however, they also make use of traditional instrumentation and slow time-signatures. As with Garden Of Worm’s side, it’s also clean and melodic with The Wandering Midget having a keen ear for traditional metal and progression amongst their own miserable furrow. 

This split is a bit of a diamond in the rough as the majority of doom bands nowadays are going in a heavier, slower direction. Both Garden Of Worm and The Wandering Midget are taking on the sounds or genre originators like Black Sabbath and Reverend Bizarre to very good effect.  

You can order the 7" from the links below:-

Pariah Child -
Acidmen Records - By e-mailing acidmenrecords (at)
Ramekuukkeli-levyt -

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