Friday 24 November 2017

.Gif From God/Vein - A Release Of Excess Flesh Split


1. .Gif From God - Why I Died Wide Eyed
2. .Gif From God - Like A Splinter In Yr Mind
3. Vein - A Crumpled Memo
4. Vein - Progenitor
5. Vein - Ideation: Self-Destruct
6. Vein - While You Weren't Caring

I'm starting early today in a bid to maintain the momentum I've gained so far this week. It's been a blast so far and I've really enjoyed not having to get up and go to work this week. David from Zegema Beach Records gave me a heads up about this split and a couple of other releases he's helped out with recently. This one instantly piqued my interest because of the chaotic nature of both bands. .Gif From God is a dissonant mathcore band from Richmond (Virginia) and Vein is a hardcore band from Boston (Massachusetts). This split was released January by five labels, in collaboration.

Gif From God being their side of this split with the terrifically titled Why I Die Wide Eyed. It’s builds up with jarring feedback before the quintet launches a crazed mix of emo-violence and mathcore. It’s brash, loud and chaotic. The breakdown at the end is straight out of the Myspace-era too. Their second song Like A Splinter In Yr Mind might initially sound more restrained but it’s anything but. Even more off-kilter and eclectic, it makes use heavy passages and electronic-infused sections that lead into harrowing end. 

Vein delivers four songs in as many minutes. A Crumpled Memo sets the tone via a barrage of riffs and a grinding tempo. There’s no escape anywhere on this split and even with the relative respite of the sample at the start of Progenitor, it’s not long before your ear-drums are being torn out again. Ideation: Self-Destruct threatens to do just that! The space-age guitar effects and low-end make this a great listen. They end with While Your Weren’t Caring, with it’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it nature. Both Gif From God and Vein put an awful lot into their relatively brief cameos on this split. Musically it’s harsh but there’s plenty to get your lugs around. 

A chasm sized hole was left when TDEP announced they were calling it a day but thankfully a whole raft of bands have emerged to fill it. You have two right here. Techy/mathy hardcore is going to be fine.

You can stream the split and buy it as a name-your-price-download below:-

Physical copies can be purchased from the participating labels below:-

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