Thursday 2 November 2017

Goblin King Interview

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A few weeks ago now I reviewed the latest EP from London death n' roll quartet Goblin King. Shortly after that review, I fired an e-mail interview over to the band asking them about their EP "Blood, Drugs & Death N' Roll", their live show and the London scene that they call home. Check it out below...

How did Goblin King form? Were any of you in bands previously?

Paul Williamson (Vocals) - The actual meaning behind Goblin King is really just a metaphor for depression, similar to how ‘the black dog’ is used. It resembles the thoughts, feelings, and actions that I have gone through during some of the worst years of my life. I used to hate myself and as a result I acted out on this hate and became the Goblin King.

We’re all from various bands although none worth mentioning aside from Jester (aka. Riccardo) who is in an amazing band called Slave Steel.

It didn’t take you long to release your debut EP after forming the band. Was it always your plan to strike fast with “Blood, Drugs, Death N’ Roll”? What are the songs about?

PW - Would you believe we have a 10 track album ready to record already as well? There is a euphoric high from creating a song that is very addictive, more so than some drugs. The EP is a reflection on my early 20’s and is an introduction to the Goblin King character.

BDDNR – It’s a rant about two things that caught my eye on a journey to work. 1) The ridiculous bio text on a page 3 in The Sun next to a model. 2) An annoying person with a megaphone outside of Stratford station shouting that we’re all going to hell.

Goblin King – Drug addiction to keep myself numb and run away from my depression. Becoming the Goblin King instead.

667 – Your body is a temple, so be sure to desecrate it. It’s a journey about sex and drugs using biblical metaphors. Everyone is out to use you until they deem you useless. 

EOTS – These are my thoughts on humanity. 

Death Sti-XXX – This song should be ridiculed and laughed at. It’s about dealing drugs in clubs.

You take influence from a high-octane list of bands that mix punk with metal. What bands did you all grow up listening to? How long was it before you got into heavier music?

PW - For me personally, I started listening to metal around the age of 11 or so. Started off with Linkin Park, Papa Roach, and then I got my hands on Slipknot's "IOWA" and fell in love. I had that album as my alarm clock for school for years. My tastes took a more punk route as I grew older due to some bands I used to go to school with. 

What can people expect from a Goblin King live show? Feel free to plug any gigs/tours you’ve got coming up too!

PW - We have had people come up to us saying that the performance is quite intimidating to watch. I mean we have Beast wearing an executioner’s hood! We try to give it as much energy that we don’t have. 
No shows coming up currently since we’re focusing on this album. We are in talks however with Arno from F.O.A.D / ex-Generation Graveyard regarding a couple of shows.

Being from London, there are a lot of bands competing for the same audiences. What do you think of the live music scene there at the present time? What bands stick out for you that people should hear?

PW - You know I actually work at The Lounge 666 in Archway so I get to see a lot of the bands. I think getting that initial following has always been the big challenge for bands. It’s unfortunate how there are many people who do go out to events but only club nights and recorded music. 

Currently I’m looking forward to seeing Twelve Boar and King Parrot. Meinhof were awesome to see at the Unicorn recently as well as Stereo Juggernaut at the Lounge. Then my guilty pleasures list of sleaze/hard rock bands like ToxicRose, H.E.A.T, etc.

What have been your best and worst experiences playing live?

PW - Playing a gig in Birmingham with a previous band and ending up having diarrhoea on the day. Had to take a bunch of Imodium tablets and was pale as fuck.

Best experiences would probably be the first ever gig I played in a town function room. All teen bands were banned from playing there ever again owing to the roof tiles being ripped down, smoking inside, the bowling green was trampled on, etc.

Finally, what advice would you give to other bands following your experiences so far, whether it be writing/recording, band promotion or arranging/playing gigs?

PW - Have fun, be perceptive, be empathetic, and be ready to learn.

You can stream and purchase "Blood, Drugs & Death N' Roll" via Goblin King's bandcamp page below:-

You can read my review here (if you haven't already done so):-

I just want to say thank you to Paul for taking the time to respond to my questions.

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