Sunday 12 November 2017

Cell - Demo 7"


1. Contempt
2. Scowl/Vermin
3. Memory/Half Truth

Montreal's Cell are a fairly new hardcore-punk band that features members of Vile Intent, Remwar, Terse and Sek. Their five-track demo has been released on 7" vinyl by Drunken Sailor Records and is the band's first release. Proper hardcore from a band that prefers to take the old-school less is more approach. I need something to chase away this hangover!

I once went to a gig in Leeds and one of the support bands was a crust band from Bradford that used a lot of reverb in the vocals. When they started playing, a guy in front of me turned round and pulled a face as if to say “what is this?” and then walked to the back of the venue to continue talking to his mates. I like reverb and punk, of which there is plenty of both in Cell’s music. 7” opener Contempt is full of heavy riffs and two-step attitude, but the vocals are something else. Angry but not in the knuckle-head sense and the drumming, while deep in the mix is equally as powerful. 

Scowl/Vermin are played back-to-back on the 7”, as are Memory/Half Truth, probably because of the limitations of the format. They are seriously intense and Cell blast through them with feedback bridging the gap between the songs. It keeps momentum high and necks sore. The lead work shows a bit of metal influence hiding amongst the songs and the end of Half Truth is savage at the breakdown. This is no-frills classy hardcore punk with no pretence. Awesome stuff.

You can stream and grab the EP physically/digitally from Cell directly here:-

If you're in the UK you can get it from Drunken Sailor Records here -

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