Monday 20 November 2017

Cantilever - The Fall:The Rise EP


1. The Fall The Rise
2. Runaway
3. Enigmas
4. Death Of Steve
5. Fallen Empire

When I sat down to start this review, I came over a bit mushy because even after 7 years of writing the blog, I'm still in awe of the fact that bands take the time to write to me and allow me to listen to their music, music that's often very personal to them. Malaysian post-hardcore band Cantilever did just that recently but as well as sharing their music with me, they also wanted to get their music out to people from outside of Malaysia and help with distribution.  "The Fall:The Rise" is their debut EP and was released in August by the band (digitally and on cdr), while Isu Records and Utarid Tapes issued a cassette version. Malaysia's metal/punk music scene is relatively young still but as you'll see and indeed hear, influences that shaped our scenes in the UK/Europe/US are doing the same there.

When I first heard “The Fall:The Rise”, two bands came to mind. Both were seen as innovators within post-hardcore and their influence has spread far and wide since. I’m talking about At The Drive-In and Refused. The EP opener, also the title-track, is a short attack on the senses. Runaway is off-kilter and catchy in the right way. The treble-led guitar takes the lead, while the rhythm section is restrained. There’s mellower instrumental moments and times when the vocals are more isolated as well. They let loose on Enigmas, which is immediately more violent in approach. Loads of hardcore and emo-violence textures. It’s a song that underlines their skill as musicians. 

The bizarrely named Death Of Steve has a jarring intro leading into a song full of urgency and rage. Once again focusing more on hardcore than it’s softer cousin. Closing song Fallen Empire starts with a excerpt from the movie 300 and it’s post-hardcore will send chills down your spine. It sums up my opening lines of this review where I talked about At The Drive-In and Refused but it also reinforces just how good Cantilever is. This band is super exciting so please make sure you check them out.

Stream "The Fall:The Rise" and buy it digitally, on cdr and tape below:-

If you can help the band out with distribution of their EP in Europe, US etc then please contact them via Facebook below.

Cantilever -
Isu Records -
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