Wednesday 29 November 2017

Retrace My Fragments - Tidal Lock EP


1. Khlav Kalash
2. Le Bison De Hoggs
3. Laserbrain

I couldn't ignore a band who makes reference to The Simpsons in on of their song-titles! Khlav Kalash was the street-food that Homer Simpson eat when he went to retrieve his car from New York city (sorry, I'm a big fan of The Simpsons). Anyway, Retrace My Fragments are a progressive and experimental metal band from Luxembourg, who formed in 2006. Prior to the release of 2017's "Tidal Lock", the band released two EPs and an album called "Ethereal Flux", in 2014. "Tidal Lock" has been digitally self-released by the band, who've shared stages with the likes of Between The Buried And Me, Cephalic Carnage and Heaven Shall Burn amongst others. 

“Tidal Lock” begins with the song I mentioned at the top of the review. Khlav Kalash is a riff-heavy death metal song filled with experimental musicianship and modern metal touches. It’s fully instrumental, showing off the impressive range of the musicians involved. It’s bloody good. They don’t just do progressive well though, as they know their way around a solid metalcore/thrash attack. 

There are elements of both of those sub-genres on Le Bison De Hoggs, which is more urgent than the EPs opener but even more infectious for it. Closing with the aptly titled Laserbrain, Retrace My Fragments literally turns your brain to mush with some serious fretwork and frenetic pace. 

There’s no denying the musical quality displayed by this band, but they really need to release a proper long-player in my opinion, as this EP leaves you wanting more than just the three songs on offer here.. “Tidal Lock” is well worth a thorough listen if you’re into heavy but experimental music. 

You can stream "Tidal Lock" and grab it as a name-your-price-download here:-

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