Sunday 6 September 2015

Rectified Spirit - The Waste Land Review + Song Stream

Up until recently, I've mainly been writing about bands from the more established metal/punk scenes in the UK, in Europe and the USA. However, there are established scenes in other parts of the world that don't get as much publicity and one such scene is in India. Indian promoter/label Transcending Obscurity in changing that, by spreading the music far and wide (as well as supporting a whole of International extreme metal bands). This Noise Is Ours is working with Transcending Obscurity to help spread the word further and this is the first post.

Rectified Spirit are a metal band from the Assam region of India. They're due to release their second full-length The Waste Land, via Transcending Obscurity India on 20th September. They actually begun playing metal in 2005 before taking a break in 2009. They returned two years later and released their debut self-titled full length in 2012.

I've been given permission to stream a track from The Waste Land, so you can check out opener The Art Of War below:-


1. The Art Of War
2. Fireborn
3. Winter In Thine Eyes
4. The Green Goblin
5. Afterthought
6. Once Below A Time
7. Empire
8. The Waste Land

Rectified Spirit employs a European approach on The Waste Land. Opening track and lead single The Art Of War is overflowing with thrash and death metal. The musicianship is breakneck with plenty of blasts and kick-drum wizardry, while the vocals range from low growls to falsetto clean singing. It’s certainly not short on exhilaration. After that punchy opener, Rectified Spirit keeps the momentum going with Fireborn, which is as catchy as it is devastating. I like how they’ve managed to weave modern layers into their take on traditional thrash metal. Things become slightly more radio friendly, thanks to some great vocal harmonies on Winter In Thine Eyes. Thankfully the pace doesn’t let up though and it features a killer solo! In spite of the relatively short running time of these opening tracks, Rectified Spirit exhibits a good appreciation for progression. They seamlessly fly straight into The Green Goblin, which may or may not be influenced by the comic book character! The song welcomes back those gutturals during the verses. There’s real atmosphere and drama within Afterthought. The spoken-word samples at the beginning do add to the song, before Rectified Spirit’s balladry shows itself. Afterthought really changes the mood of the record, but doesn’t harm it in any way. Things get back to normal on Once Below A Time, which swirls with a barrage of riffs straight from the off and it doesn’t stop. Such a rager! Empire is absolutely no different and those clean vocals are as impressive now as they were at the beginning. They leave the title-track to the end. All 13+ minutes of it. This is truly where their progressive tendencies take hold. It contains all of the different musical textures that Rectified Spirit has injected into The Waste Land. The blistering thrash, the power-metal inspired vocals and the modern metal riffs. I guess it’s their way of really showcasing their musical ability and it works really well too. I was really surprised by Rectified Spirit and can’t recommend them enough. If you can, check this out now!

You can keep an eye out for news regarding the release of The Waste Land via the links below:-

Rectified Spirit Facebook -
Transcending Obscurity Facebook -


  1. Woww... great music... the vocalist is spot on as described. .. powerful and amazing sound.

    1. Thanx Tons for the kind words and appreciation, Cheers! \m/