Friday 25 September 2015

Last Light - S/T EP


1. Waves
2. Ember
3. Shelter

This release sums up how well melodic music can co-exist alongside heavy, extreme sounds. This three-track EP from Birmingham-based alternative band Last Light was released on CD earlier this year by Vetala Productions (probably better known for releasing the likes of Jotnarr and Art Of Burning Water, amongst others). Like most DIY labels though, Vetala is not shackled by a commercial vision but instead one that includes good music and friends. Last Light themselves don't have single or narrow-minded influences either, creating music they want to hear. This is their debut EP and contains music bathed in everything from grunge to post-hardcore and rock.

It’s hard for me to adequately describe Last Light. Not because I can’t, but because I think their music should do the talking instead. Hearing EP opener Waves managed to give me goosebumps in the same way that Mallory Knox’s debut Pilot EP did. It’s a soaring song with clean guitars and vocals, without pretence. My rudimentary description in that last sentence does Last Light a disservice, but sometime less is more. They flirt with post-hardcore on Ember but their melodic-sensibilities and subtle experimentation is still enough to grab you. Closing number Shelter has a definite air of Americana about it, especially in the lonely guitar that draws you in. What follows is a song that’s big without being showy. There are glimpses of their heavier side, but only brief ones and the EP is over as quickly as it started. Last Light won’t be on the periphery for very long if more people hear this EP. I like this and you will too!

You can stream the whole EP here -

Physical CDr copies of this EP were very limited and I'm not sure if any are still available from band or label You'll have to pester them for a repress or at the very least, a digital copy!

Last Light Facebook -
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