Monday 7 September 2015

Minors - Anno Domini EP


1. Burgeoning Bastard Black Arts
2. Bruxism
3. Bruce Lee, King Of The Sewers

I knew it wouldn't be long before Minors released new music. Their latest EP was released digitally in July (it's due for a physical release soon). You know the score by now if you've read my other reviews here. They're one of the heaviest hardcore/PV bands in Canada and following their split tape with UK punks Teef (RIP), I've been eagerly awaiting something more meaty to get my teeth into. This fits the bill nicely.

I get the impression that their song on the Teef split tape was just a glimpse of what was coming. The EP rages straight away, brimming with metallic tendencies and stupidly intense PV on Burgeoning Bastard Black Arts. For all of that though, it’s not just noise. They’ve thought about their approach and have injected a lot of atmosphere and even some European hardcore influences too! Bruxism rains to the sound of crash cymbals. You think the pace is going to stay at warp-speed, but Minors bring it back down to a virtual crawl (by their standards anyway). It’s menacing to say the least. They certainly don’t mince around and before you know it, you’re well into EP closer Bruce Lee, King Of The Sewers. Never has a trio sound so pissed off and vital. They use breakdowns for actually effect and not just because that’s all they can play. Anno Domini is just wall-wall crazy and that’s the only endorsement you need.

Until it's released physically, you can stream and download it here:-

Minors Facebook -

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