Sunday 6 September 2015

Ommadon - Empathy For The Wicked


1. I 
2. II

I promised it yesterday and having just recovered from listening to V again, I think I'm ready for Ommadon's latest release. Empathy For The Wicked was released in July and was the second only release from new UK label Golden Mantra Records. Again, Ommadon's heavy drone-doom has been committed to vinyl. it features a song that was part of the original recording sessions for their early split with Coltsblood and Horse Latitudes, while the second song was also the result of that extended session. 

I’m not quite sure how they’ve managed it but Ommadon sound even heavier on Empathy For The Wicked. The nasty guitar noise at the start of I sends vibrations through your whole body. As with V, they remain mesmerising as the sparse drums present a sporadic beat of sorts. The pace early on does seem slightly faster but never strays too far from their original blueprint. As with all songs of this length, it twists and lurches, changing pace and atmosphere with every movement. II is s a slow burner. It’s white noise taking longer to hit full volume. Its actually very hypnotic and as I listen to it, I’m fighting my body that is telling me to drift off into a deep slumber. There’s not the immediacy that greeted you on side A, but you get the impression that Ommadon are building up to something. That something is a song that gets ever louder as it winds it’s way through 20 or so minutes. There’s not much else to say about this really other than if you want to listen to something truly testing, you can’t go far wrong with Empathy For The Wicked. I mean that in a positive way as well. 

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